January 17, 2011Nature’s Logic Giveaway!

My husband and I constantly remind Mingus and Dottie exactly how much money they cost us from day to day, and how if they weren’t around we could probably go ahead and retire or something. It’s tough love. They understand.

But seriously, caring for dogs isn’t exactly cheap, right? So what would you think if someone were to offer you some FREE dog food? If I were you, I’d think that’s pretty awesome. And what if the food weren’t just some old junk, but really good quality food made from 100% natural ingredients, rich in proteins and antioxidants — really good food like Nature’s Logic? Well, I would think that’s even awesomer.

Nature’s Logic is giving away FREE FOOD to TWO phetched readers! Here’s all you have to do to enter to win:

1. Choose which you would prefer:

– one 4.4-lb bag of dry kibble or

– one 3-lb bag of raw frozen or

– five 13.2-oz cans

2. Visit Nature’s Logic’s web site and choose which flavor/formula you prefer.

3. Leave a comment below stating your choices.

That’s it! Entries will close Friday, 1/21 at 5:00 p.m. Eastern time, and 2 lucky winners will be randomly drawn at that time.

4. If you’d like an extra entry, you can tweet the following (once): Enter to win FREE DOG FOOD from @phetched and @NaturesLogic! http://bit.ly/hL6Vmm

Offer open to US and Canadian shipping addresses only. Thanks!

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  1. Brandi’s avatar

    Jacey, Belle, & Bailey would love the 4.4lb bag of duck and salmon because we have skin allergies.

  2. Karen Oelschlaeger’s avatar

    I don’t know if my tweet counts as an extra entry since I reworded it/modified it to sound a little less spammy & more personalized, but I do know that a bag of the 3-lb bag of raw frozen rabbit formula would make my (and my dog Rosie’s) day.

  3. Leslie Sloan’s avatar

    Slappy the wiener dog would like the canned chicken because her teeth have gotten “soft” on her old age. Sad.

  4. Amber’s avatar

    Cooper & Hurley would love the duck & salmon in the dry kibble. BTW Mingus is my maiden name, what an awesome name!

  5. julie kostina’s avatar

    my two mutts would love to try the venison dry kibble.

  6. Kim’s avatar

    This is great! Kona and Kenai would love the duck and salmon cans!

  7. Helen’s avatar

    I’m sure Rosie would love the duck and salmon canned as a special treat!

  8. dogzoomies’s avatar

    Molly and Ben say “Yes, thank you very much! We would love a bag of raw frozen food!”

  9. Julie’s avatar

    Nom Nom say Ike & Bug. They would love to enter to win the duck & salmon canned.

  10. Angela’s avatar

    Bolt would be super grateful if he could have the venison dry kibble.

    Thank you!

  11. jen’s avatar

    AWESOME giveaway!!!

    five 13.2-oz cans, venison


  12. Bliss Gurney’s avatar

    Picard and Sieann would really liked the – five 13.2-oz cans of Lamb. Picard is 12 years young and Sieann is 9 years young.
    Thank you!

  13. Laura Fulton’s avatar

    thanks!! Dozer would love to try the one 3-lb bag of raw frozen

  14. Laura Fulton’s avatar

    oops preferably beef cause he doesn’t eat chicken : )

  15. Helen’s avatar

    Spike and Dru would love the cans in Chicken flavor. Thanks for the giveaway.

  16. Aja’s avatar

    We would love to try the raw rabbit!

  17. Esther T.’s avatar

    Canned food makes everyone happy around our house! We would choose the 5 cans, chicken! Thank you! :D

  18. Vicki Y’s avatar

    Morgan would definitely love to try the duck and salmon kibble! :)

    and he tweeted it for you! even though he really wants to win ;) @morganthedog

  19. Jody K’s avatar

    Saphira, Mystery, Tod and Nana would love a 4.4-lb bag of dry kibble (duck and salmon) to share with their cousin Alice so her owner can see what a WONDERFUL product Nature’s Logic is for dog’s with allergies and skin conditions. My girls look forward to their bowls being filled every morning.

  20. Sarah’s avatar

    My dogs would like to try the lamb dry kibble. Thanks!!

  21. Erik’s avatar

    My one year old pug would enjoy the chicken meal dry kibble.

    Thank you!!

  22. Alisa’s avatar

    Cooper would love the bag of dried kibble in the duck and salmon flavor!

  23. Wendy’s avatar

    Daisy wants to try the 4.4-lb bag of dry kibble, beef flavor. We feel we are going to win this. ;)

  24. Jen (Rogue Collars)’s avatar

    My girls Rogue & Storm would love the dry kibble in duck/salmon flavor! :D

  25. Susan’s avatar

    Annie would love the 4.4 lb bag of Lamb kibble. It is her favorite.

  26. Amy Sheehy’s avatar

    Henry would love to try the 4.4 lbs bag of duck/salmon dry kibble! He loves the chicken, venison and beef, but has yet to try duck! This is the best food for him – no more skin problems and no more mattes in his hair (he’s a labradoodle). Plus, mom loves that it is gluten free – don’t have to worry about surprise “contaminated” kisses.

  27. Leigh’s avatar

    Oliver, our “hot dog”, sure would love the 5 cans w/ venison and lamb, yummy and wheat free!!!

  28. Lori @ According to Gus’s avatar

    We’d love to try the canned Duck & Salmon for Gus. Thanks for the giveaway chance…we tweeted!


  29. Kat’s avatar

    My picky Shiba Inu tends to stick her nose up to just about every food. We’ve tried it all! Hopefully if we win this giveaway we’ll be able to find a brand that she’ll actually eat!

    We’d like the 5 cans of Venison! (Honestly, we’d take anything and give it a shot!!)

  30. Yvette (and Ceri)’s avatar

    Ceri would like to try the dry kibble in duck and salmon flavor!

  31. Ellyn’s avatar

    Bag of venison kibble, please! Thank you!

  32. Robyn’s avatar

    Our kids would like to try the venison kibble. Thanks for the chance to be a winner :-)

  33. Randy’s avatar

    Frozen raw beef, thanks!

  34. Ashley’s avatar

    Since I like Pru to get some variety in her protein sources, I think the Rabbit formula of the frozen raw food would be a splendid choice.

  35. Kyley and Ammo the Dachshund’s avatar

    Ammo the Dachshund would love to sink his teeth into the 3lb bag of raw frozen

  36. katherine’s avatar

    my dog would love that 4.4 lb pound bag of beef kibble! She hasn’t been liking her EVO as much (or rather just refusing to eat it until it sits out for like 4 hours) and we have trouble finding non-grain brands that fit her allergy/diet needs!

  37. Cheri & Shey’s avatar

    My chihuahua would love a 4.4 pound bag of beef kibble :)

  38. Andi’s avatar

    My dog Monkey would like a the 4.4 bag of beef kibble!

  39. Deanna’s avatar

    Wow! what a nice giveaway. Thank you.

    I think my pups, Conner and Addie, would like to try the raw frozen in duck/salmon! They love salmon and they’ve never had duck. I’ll bet they’d love it.

  40. Christopher’s avatar

    If I won, I’d treat Dexter to a week’s worth of the canned variety.

  41. Katie’s avatar

    If I won, Sailor & Captain would love a 3lb bag of Raw Frozen Meat :) there would be paw high fives and howling thanks ^..^ ^..^

  42. kamnel’s avatar

    Piper and Ally would love the Duck & Salmon wet food!

  43. Cindi’s avatar

    Greyhounds like rabbits. Especially 3lbs of frozen rabbit. Just sayin’…

  44. Joyce’s avatar

    Brendan the greyhound likes raw, so canned chicken, please.

  45. Casey’s avatar

    I would love the 3lb raw rabbit package for my chicken-allergic cat and our (hopefully) soon-to-be-adopted pooch!

  46. Michelle’s avatar

    Bravo(3 year old crazy boy with allergies and pancreatic insufficiency) and Liberty(lonjg haired 7 year old with bionic back legs due to 2 TPLOs, Pannus both eyes and has to put up with the 3 year old) my German Sheoards would love any flavor 4.4 pound dry kibble or raw food.
    Thank you for this chance

  47. Tracy’s avatar

    We would love to win a 3# bag of Raw Frozen Rabbit!

  48. Pup Fan’s avatar

    I’ll say the dry kibble. This isn’t Bella’s brand, but I would drop it off at my local Pets of the Homeless collection site. :)

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