January 12, 2011George Sweaters and Jackets

It gets pretty cold up here in the mountains from time to time, but being Husky mixes, Mingus and Dottie are pretty well suited for it. Thus they don’t require a lot of clothing, a fact I occasionally lament. Dottie has one little sweater that is the. cutest. thing., and Mingus has a little collared jacket that is wicked handsome. Secret? I really want a little corduroy jacket for him with elbow patches (he is The Professor, after all). Somebody make me one.

Anyway, George has a great selection of classy sweaters and jackets to protect your pup from winter’s chill.

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  1. Helen’s avatar

    Love the stripes!

  2. phetched’s avatar

    Me too! And the turtleneck? Gahhhh! It probably wouldn’t fit over Dottie’s massive head, but man, that’s cute.

  3. Cyndy’s avatar

    These are adorable, but kinda pricey. Plus, if I start dressing the girls in cashmere, they will start expecting it!!!!!!!!!! But I might just need a wool one. :)

  4. phetched’s avatar

    I agree – the cashmere is maybe a little overboard, at least for my two :D The others are more reasonable, though, and I figure if you live in a cold climate and have a dog that’s going to need it daily in the winter, it’s probably a decent investment. But no, Dottie would definitely not be getting cashmere. She attracts way too much dirt to make that logical. :D

  5. Krazy4Pets’s avatar

    Actually somebody made these for you :P They are hand loomed!

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