January 11, 2011Simply Perfect: Kari Egan’s Illustrations

I’m in love with these illustrations by Utah’s Kari Egan. Simple in style, they communicate so much about a pup’s personality.

You can check out more of Kari’s work on her web site, and you can fetch prints and notecards featuring Frenchies, Danes, Yorkies and more in her Etsy shop.

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  1. Anne Good’s avatar

    So what would Mingus and Dottie be doing in their picture? Stella’s would definitely involve a ball, Leroy is a couch potato, so maybe like the bulldog pic…and Zoey just likes to cuddle.

  2. krazy4pets’s avatar

    I like that the expression on their face are so happy!

  3. Cat K.’s avatar

    I love that sheepdog picture! I think if there was one about Charlie, we would be dreaming about snow. Or sleeping on our bed when he’s not supposed to.

  4. Shauna (Fido & Wino)’s avatar

    I love that the pittie is holding a rose & has a mischievous look in his/her eye :)

    I noticed the super fast upload time- well done!

  5. phetched’s avatar

    Dottie’s whole world revolves around pretty much one thing and one thing only, so her picture would certainly feature a big ol’ bowl of kibble. Apparently we’re starving her or something. Mingus? That would be a good one. He’s very cerebral and angst-ridden. Maybe some bookshelves, a brandy snifter, all covered with graffiti? He really likes bulldozers too. Don’t ask.

    @Shauna – Yes! We are fast and furious here now, and I love it!

  6. Ali’s avatar

    Love those! So simple yet have so much personality behind them! My dog Zumaya would definitely be snoozing maybe with a lot of zzzzz’s !

  7. Pup Fan’s avatar

    Love the feel of these! Bella’s would probably involve food… or being passed out snoring. :)

  8. Serena @ Pretty Fluffy’s avatar

    If the second one was black and white it would be my dog! Same expression and everything. These are gorgeous pics. Off to check out the Etsy shop now.

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