November 24, 2010The Premium Pet Holiday Coupon Code

Did I hear you say you wanted easy-to-clean, colorful, retro-inspired felt dog beds with cute applique animals on them? I thought so. I’m krazy (yes, with a “K”) about these pillow beds from The Premium Pet.

I’m also stoked to share with you an exclusive coupon code for The Premium Pet — you can enjoy 15% off all orders (anything in the shop -  not just beds!) with the coupon code PHETCHED at checkout. And the first 20 shoppers to use that code will receive a FREE collar from Gozo Dog. Awesome, right? Scurry on over to The Premium Pet and go shopping!

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  1. Ashley’s avatar

    There just had to be an owl one!!!

  2. Helen’s avatar

    I love these but I think I have to wait a bit yet. Spike and Dru are still a little young to spend a lot of $$ on a bed since they barely last a week before I come home to a room full of bed stuffing!!

    I am also noticing they prefer blankets, not big on big and fluffy and comfy…go figure!

    However, this does not mean I can’t buy one for my parents dogs!

  3. Jaime from Dog Milk’s avatar

    Aw those are adorable – I love the squirrel. Beans likes squirrels too. He thinks he can catch them.

  4. leesia’s avatar

    this is so perfect!! i just started looking for a cute new bed for the kids last week! going over to check everything out now…

  5. Pup Fan’s avatar

    Thanks for the code – happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Kim’s avatar

    I’ve never seen such cute doggie beds. I will check them out – thanks!

  7. Krazy4Pets’s avatar

    Love those green ones. Thanks for the code.

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