October 25, 2010Waterhog for Waterslobs

Have I told you before about Dottie‘s drinking problem? It’s not that she’s hitting the sauce or anything — that would be both odd and unhealthy. No, her problem is she can’t drink from the bowl without dribbling and dripping water all. over. the. floor. It’s just water, you say, what’s the big problem? Step in her dribblings one morning in socked feet and tell me you don’t have a problem with it.

Maybe the Waterhog® place mat could help us out?

It’s constructed of polyester fabric (made from recycled plastic bottles) that can retain up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard, which is approximately how much Dottie dribbles on the floor every time she drinks, give or take. It can even be personalized. I wonder if “aggravation” would fit…

You can fetch the Waterhog place mat from L.L. Bean.

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  1. Peaches’s avatar

    Okay. I love this!

  2. Cherie’s avatar

    I refer to this maneuver as the “stop and drop”. Madison is one very lucky dog that she quit the bad habit cold turkey.

  3. Jen (Rogue Collars)’s avatar

    omg I need this! My great dane is just terrible with the amount of water that falls out of her mouth!!

  4. Kris’s avatar

    I actually have this for my dog, and have purchased them (personalized) as a gift for family and friends. It’s terrific and everyone loves it. But in order to rein in my boy’s messy drinking it would have to be about 6′ x 6′ – he sloshes water EVERYWHERE!

  5. phetched’s avatar

    Haha, Kris — seriously. I actually need something sort of like a Waterhog runner stretching into the living room from the kitchen to absorb the full string of dribbles. :D

    And Jen, I can only imagine the water mess a Dane would cause! :-O

  6. Jessica Chapman’s avatar

    No doubt! My dog Harley sticks his entire snout in the water and opens and shuts his mouth like he’s gulping it. I don’t think he knows he’s supposed to lap it up with his tongue. Then as he walks away, gallons of water fall out of his mouth and off his snout. We’ve had to institute a rule: Harley has to go outside to drink. Poor puppy.

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