September 6, 2010Thanks, Modern Dog!

The pups and I are super stoked to be featured in the Fall 2010 issue of Modern Dog magazine! There’s a little write-up on phetched in the section entitled “Surf: Top Dog Sites.” Super awesome, right? Thanks, Modern Dog!

This is even more exciting than when my vitriolic letter to the editor was published in Vogue (the actual Vogue!). Makes us want to give everybody at Modern Dog a big ol’ slurp on the mouth (which Dottie will freely do to anyone, often in somewhat inappropriate ways).

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  1. dylan’s avatar

    yeahhhhhhhhhhh! g’head girl!

  2. Kate’s avatar

    Eep, this is awesome!! :D

  3. Krazy4Pets’s avatar

    This is great… yay!!

  4. Shauna (Fido & Wino)’s avatar

    Congratulations- that is so exciting!

  5. Ashley’s avatar

    That is amazing, Katherine!! Congratulations to you and the furry gang!

  6. phetched’s avatar

    Thanks, guys!!

  7. Melissa’s avatar

    awesome! It’s a great feeling to see your work published!

  8. Peaches’s avatar

    Charlie wants you to know that were it not for Phetched he’d still be wearing the “Babe Magnet” tee shirt that I made him wear last winter. Thanks for showing us style for dogs! This magazine article is a big deal!

  9. Trude’s avatar

    Congrats! So glad they pointed out what we all already knew. ;)

  10. Barkzilla’s avatar

    Congratulations!! This is awesome– we’re going to pick up a copy this afternoon!

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