August 24, 2010Hello Fall: Anthropologie Dog Trot Cardigan

The temperature here in the mountains has been hovering around a chilly 80 degrees the past few days, and I’ve got the 726-page September Vogue sitting here on the table beside me, which means my mind is on one thing only: fall fashion. I don’t necessarily have $128 lying around to spend on a sweater right now (and if I had money to burn, I’d be getting these sunglasses), but if I catch this Anthropologie Dog Trot cardigan on sale, I might snatch it up.

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  1. Peaches’s avatar

    Fab! I’m taking my Vogue to the beach for the weekend!

  2. Kristy’s avatar

    Wow. I’m kind of amazed it’s only $128. Cute!

  3. Trude’s avatar

    Soooo cute. How dare you tempt me! And did you notice the little heart charm around the neck in the closeup shot? :)

  4. Krazy4Pets’s avatar

    why don’t they make one with Yorkies!!!

  5. Ashley’s avatar

    I want so bad! So very bad! I may have to take some of my student loan and buy it (shhhhh don’t tell anyone).

  6. Krazy4Pets’s avatar

    Too late Ashley… it’s been broadcast :P

  7. phetched’s avatar

    @Ashley – for the record, phetched does not endorse using student loans to pay for cute cardigans. Everyone knows that money’s for beer and pizza and Taco Bell, anyway. :D

    @Trude – I KNOWWW!!! So preshy. Love it.

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