August 10, 2010Fish without the Fishiness: The Honest Kitchen’s Zeal

Have you ever noticed that dogs seem to like kinda stinky stuff? I won’t go into detail, but I’m pretty sure you know what I’m talking about. I think this stink affinity is part of the reason Mingus and Dottie love fish-based foods so much. And it’s why I giggle a little at the name of The Honest Kitchen‘s first fish-based recipe, Zeal, as I’m sure Ming and Dizz would gladly devour a bowl of it with just that very emotion.

Like all of The Honest Kitchen’s dehydrated raw foods, Zeal is made from minimally processed, 100% human-grade ingredients, and is free of wheat and preservatives like ethoxyquin, which I’m not really sure how to pronounce but I know is really bad.

Says Lucy Postins, founder and CEO of The Honest Kitchen, “Zeal was truly inspired by our customers. For years, pet owners have told us that their dogs have allergies or intolerances to conventional meat sources, and we’re pleased that we can now offer this high-quality, human-grade recipe with minimal risk of allergies.”

And on top of that big ol’ pile of goodness, The Honest Kitchen will donate a portion of Zeal’s profits to marine conservation efforts, including The Nature Conservancy, The Blue Ocean Institute and the World Wildlife Fund.

Zeal will be available in late September from The Honest Kitchen.

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  1. Dog Milk’s avatar

    Oh this is awesome. My dogs are on a white fish diet, so knowing there is another good quality food option out there is awesome. Thanks for posting this!

  2. Krazy4Pets’s avatar

    Thanks for sharing!! This is a good product and I hope that it will last!
    It is sad that large corporations started buying quality pet food companies. The latest one is Natura – company producing Innova, Mother Nature, California Natural, Karma, etc. Procter & Gamble promised that the company structure change will not cause any quality change but … still… *sigh*

  3. Lucy’s avatar

    Zeal is available now for pre-order, on The Honest Kitchen’s web site!

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