July 7, 2010Pups on the Patio: Bowsers Outdoor Pet Beds

When my husband and I made a hasty move across the state seven months ago, we chose our current rental house by seeing photos on the internet and briefly checking Google Maps. While I wouldn’t necessarily recommend our methodology, we actually lucked out with a pretty charming little place. We’ll soon start looking for a place of our own, and one thing I really want — besides a big fenced yard, of course — is, in said yard, a bricked-in patio with a firepit. Husband: make it happen.

And on said patio? Maybe a couple of these.

You can fetch Bowsers waterproof, mold-resistant patio beds from DesignerDoggy.com. I, unfortunately, have to start saving for a down payment.

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  1. gingela5’s avatar

    Those are so cute! I don’t think my dogs would understand the concept of laying on a bed outdoors. But if they did, I would totally get these!

  2. Peaches’s avatar

    I love the chaise lounge. So adorable!

  3. phetched’s avatar

    Yeah, Dottie likes to just go out and lie in the dirt… usually in the sunniest, warmest spot, which doesn’t really make sense. But a lot of what Dottie does doesn’t make sense.

  4. blanket’s avatar

    Loving those!! Especially the middle one!

  5. debbie’s avatar

    Ooh – I love these. Maybe once the dogs are old and will just hang out on the front porch – though Belle does the same as Dottie. Apparently wearing a massive, thick, double thick black fur coat in Texas in the middle of the summer is not quite hot enough.

  6. shannon’s avatar

    Oh my goodness! I love those! So charming.

  7. Shauna (Fido & Wino)’s avatar

    When we moved back to Canada we did that. We were fairly lucky, it had some ol’ lady charm to it and a 4″ TV (it was fully furnished, oi). But we were pretty lucky :)

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