September 9, 2009Photo Contest Finalists… Vote Now!

OK, everybody, it’s time to vote on a winner of the Bad Hair Day/Dirty Dog Photo Contest, sponsored by Pet Head!

We had lots of great entries, and our Pet Head representative, Ananda, has narrowed the entries down to four finalists. It’s time for you, dear readers, to pick our winner!

Here’s what’s up for grabs, an awesome Pet Head prize pack:


And now (drumroll, please)… the finalists!


They are (clockwise from left) Kitai, Kava, Luke, and Fergus. Poor things, their worst hair days displayed for all the world to see.

See their full photos and vote for your choice by clicking the BLUE “Read the rest of this entry” link below.

Big thanks and big woofs to everyone who entered!

Voting closes at 10:00 p.m. Eastern time Friday, September 11th, and a winner will be announced Saturday, September 12th.

Here are our finalists! (Note: You have unlimited votes between now and Friday’s deadline!)

To cast your vote, click here!

(UPDATE 9/9/09, 8:59 p.m.: We had a leeetle trouble with the SurveyMonkey poll generator, so I’ve moved the voting to a new site. Have no fear – the previous results were saved and will be added to the results from the new generator.)





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  1. Ryan’s avatar

    No wonder Batman hides behind that cap and cowl… he needs a haircut! Go Luke!

  2. Lea McIntosh’s avatar

    Kitai for sure! He is clearly a doggy brillo and could use the pet head! : )

  3. Phillip’s avatar

    Fer-gus! Fer-gus! Fer-gus! Look at those paws! He’s a pet-head for sure!

  4. Wendy’s avatar

    I like all the entries!!

  5. ann’s avatar

    Two out of two Anns agree: Fergus! :D

  6. phetched’s avatar

    Well, it looks like battle lines have been drawn! But “doggy Brillo”? Was that really necessary? :D

    Voting doesn’t close till Friday night… so click the link above to vote as many times as you want till then!

  7. phetched’s avatar

    Results update, as of 7:21 p.m. 9/9/09…

    Kitai – 41.6%
    Kava – 11.2%
    Luke – 27.0%
    Fergus – 20.2%

    It’s still anydog’s race! Keep those votes coming!

  8. Grace’s avatar

    love them all – but gotta vote for Kitai :)

  9. Jamie  Pflughoeft’s avatar

    oh, this one will be an easy sweep- Kitai for the win!!

  10. Meg’s avatar

    oh my gosh – FERGUS all the way!!! :)

  11. phetched’s avatar

    Thursday, 9/10/09, 12:44 p.m. — THE RACE IS ON!

    Current results:

    Kitai 26.38%
    Kava 25.77%
    Luke 28.83%
    Fergus 19.02%

    It’s nose to nose, y’all! Keep those votes coming.

  12. Samantha’s avatar

    My vote is for Fergus!!

  13. eda’s avatar

    You can’t beat the ‘stache! Go Kitai !

  14. ann’s avatar

    You said we could vote more than once – so I’m voting for Fergus again! Muddy lil’ cutie…

  15. melissa’s avatar

    Kitai! such a cute tangled mess!

  16. Trude’s avatar

    OMG Kitai is SOOOO cute!!

  17. phetched’s avatar

    Results update, 7:15 p.m. 9/10/09…

    Kitai 32.85%
    Kava 23.38%
    Luke 29.96%
    Fergus 15.6%

  18. Ashley’s avatar

    I’m in love with this contest.
    And I voted for Fergus.. but I must admit, 40% of it was because of how much he needs a bath, 60% because of his name. Fergus is an amazing name.

  19. ann’s avatar

    Fergus! Fergus! Fergus! Does that count as 3 votes? :D

  20. phetched’s avatar

    Voting update, 9/11/09, 12:18 a.m.

    Whoa, it looks like Fergus’ friends have come out in force!

    Kitai 20.15%
    Kava 11.17%
    Luke 15.38%
    Fergus 53.30%

    Voting ends tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. Eastern time!

  21. MaryLou’s avatar

    Fergus #1! Fergus #1! He is soooooo filthy yet still sooooooo cute!!!!

  22. MaryLou’s avatar

    Fergus, because he is sitting there saying, “I know I’m dirty, but I’m still looking gooood.. . . . ” :)

  23. MaryLou’s avatar

    Go Fergus, Go Fergus!!!!

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