June 23, 2009I want, I want: Bella Bean Couture Collars

So here we are, almost to the end of June, and I’m still actively looking for a fetching new summer collar for Dottie. (It’s not that I favor Dottie or anything. I’d gladly get Mingus a new collar, too. There are just, sadly, so few “masculine” collar options out there, it’s hardly any fun to look. Do you hear me, collar designer people? WE NEED MASCULINE COLLARS!)

Ahem. I was saying. Searching for a summer collar for Dottie. The newest objects of my affection are the lovely designs from Bella Bean Couture.


Bella Bean collars are made from grosgrain ribbon sewn over tough nylon webbing, and are adjustable, with a quick-release closure. Each has a matching lead available, too.

Those toadstools? P-R-E-S-H-Y. And that second pattern is called Changing Leaf, my other favorite. There are many favorites to be found, though, in Bella Bean’s collection. You can find them for sale online at artfulpups.com (or find other retailers on Bella Bean’s web site).

And for those of you with boy dogs you’re lookin’ to accessorize… trust me, I’m workin’ on it.

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  1. Josn’s avatar

    I like the pink toadstools. but I just bought the Lupine ducky one. : (.

  2. Wynee’s avatar

    I like the Pink Mushrooms! No wait, I like the blue mushrooms! Ok, just get pink and that’s final.

  3. Vicki Y’s avatar

    I actually like the pink leafy pattern on the bottom. :D

  4. Vicki Y’s avatar

    by the way I completely agree with needing more masculine collars!!!

  5. Pet Blog’s avatar

    All the above 4 are excellent. But as for color combination, I specially like the 3rd one.

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