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Y’all remember Peticotees? I love their simple but cheeky tee-shirt designs. They’re currently offering 20% off to phetched readers using coupon code phetched20. Jump on it.

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Springtime’s in full swing! Perfect weather for jeans, a tee, and some flops. Kick it.

Check out this roundup of handmade tees from Etsy.

1 / spot on blue shirt from limeyts

2 / teacup chihuahua tee from bubbledog

3 / organic onesie from bankiebaby

4 / biking pup shirt from boygirlparty

5 / weiner dog shirt from lastearth

6 / youth MMMnn shirt from keptfresh


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Sooooo, William and Kate are getting married this Friday. Perhaps you’ve heard. I’m not sure if the royal Corgis will have a prominent role in the ceremony (not sure if Westminster Abbey is dog-friendly and all), but check out these cool custom handmade cake toppers featuring brides, grooms, and dogs.

1 / lollipop workshop

2 / kikilke

3 / monster hollow studios

4 / spirit mama

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I saw the simplehuman pet food can over on Dog Milk the other day, and you know what I do when I see something I like? I steal it. KIDDING. That would be kleptomania and might require medication or therapy. I mean to say I re-post it. Here. As if I were cool enough to find it on my own.

Simplehuman’s pet food can is made of fingerprint-proof stainless steel and has a built-in scoop and wheels. It comes in two sizes (6.5-gallon and 8-gallon) and would be perfect in our newly redecorated kitchen. I might need to reallocate some funds and get this. Question, though: does “fingerprint-proof” also mean noseprint-proof?

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My newest dog-blog obsession is Miles to Style. You should check it out! Well, finish reading this post first.

Anyway, one of my favorite of Christine’s recent finds are these skinny Scotty belts from Topshop.

OK, now go check out Miles to Style.

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Confession time, guys and gals: I know I probably don’t pay enough attention to small dogs on this blog. I was out running errands yesterday afternoon, and as I pulled into a parking space, to my right sat a teeny little chi in a Ford Expedition just staring at me, like seriously giving me the stinkeye. As our staring contest progressed I realized the little chi was trying to tell me something, that I need to think more about the little guys.

It’s nothing personal, I swear. It’s just that since I don’t have little dogs, I don’t often realize they have different needs. For example, I rarely think about the fact that some of you actually can and do carry their dogs out and about with them. Y’all are lucky, and you need and want stylish gear.

Such as the Pablo striped dog sling.

The Pablo sling is machine-washable and features an adjustable strap, quilted lining, and a button-down cover. You can fetch the sling in Pablo and other patterns at Bark Slope.

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I have seen Knit Your Own Dog eeeeeeverywhere lately, from web sites to The Bark to People magazine. (YES I read it sometimes in the checkout line, OKAYYYY?) I’m learning how to knit, and I just finished a scarf I started in, oh, November, so I totally feel like I’m ready to tackle basset hounds and poodles and the like.

Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne’s Knit Your Own Dog contains “easy-to-follow” patterns for knitting 25 breeds of dogs. You can fetch it from Amazon.

Images: Holly Joliffe via Guardian

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Even though the Rachel Berry character on “Glee” tramples on every last one of my nerves, I do occasionally find myself lusting after certain items in her wardrobe. The Scottie dog dress she sported on this week’s episode immediately had me grabbing the laptop to Google.

Of course The Possessionista had already found it – it’s from H&M, in stores now for a saucy $49.95.

photo credit: Fashion Bits and Bobs

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NO talk of football today, OK? Nor any talk of the Black Eyed Peas, Christina Aguilera, or commercials. Football is over until next fall (or later), and we’ll all mourn it in our own way.

Lets talk about dog stuff instead, shall we?

Seattle illustrator and children’s book author Matthew Porter makes delightful cartoony dogs. You can check his work out on his site and Etsy shop.

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Look at this blouse!! With little poodles!! From ModCloth!!

Sadly, the Looking Pup Top is currently sold out. But you can request to be notified on restock. So you can order it!!

Update, 3:48 p.m. – It’s back in stock!! Woo hoo!!!

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