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Thanks to all who entered the Nature’s Logic giveaway! Our two winners, picked by random drawing, are Alisa and Kamnel. Hope your pups enjoy their yummy food.

Thanks to Nature’s Logic for sponsoring a great giveaway!

My husband and I constantly remind Mingus and Dottie exactly how much money they cost us from day to day, and how if they weren’t around we could probably go ahead and retire or something. It’s tough love. They understand.

But seriously, caring for dogs isn’t exactly cheap, right? So what would you think if someone were to offer you some FREE dog food? If I were you, I’d think that’s pretty awesome. And what if the food weren’t just some old junk, but really good quality food made from 100% natural ingredients, rich in proteins and antioxidants — really good food like Nature’s Logic? Well, I would think that’s even awesomer.

Nature’s Logic is giving away FREE FOOD to TWO phetched readers! Here’s all you have to do to enter to win:

1. Choose which you would prefer:

– one 4.4-lb bag of dry kibble or

– one 3-lb bag of raw frozen or

– five 13.2-oz cans

2. Visit Nature’s Logic’s web site and choose which flavor/formula you prefer.

3. Leave a comment below stating your choices.

That’s it! Entries will close Friday, 1/21 at 5:00 p.m. Eastern time, and 2 lucky winners will be randomly drawn at that time.

4. If you’d like an extra entry, you can tweet the following (once): Enter to win FREE DOG FOOD from @phetched and @NaturesLogic! http://bit.ly/hL6Vmm

Offer open to US and Canadian shipping addresses only. Thanks!

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I’m pleased as pie (what?) to announce the winner of our Super-Duper Fantabulous Grab-Bag Giveaway!

We had a ton of entries for the giveaway, and we’d like to send a huge THANK YOU to everyone who entered. Although our winner was picked by random drawing, April’s entry comment was: Some of this would make perfect gifts for people I know and the rest is perfect for my boys!! - which pretty much sums up the spirit of the giveaway. So congratulations, April – you’ll be hearing from us soon.

We’d also like to send our love and all kinds of thanks to the following sponsors of our giveaway. They all have super great stuff and are super nice and cool, so you should go check them out.

Sirius Republic….. Stella & Chewy’s….. Doggie Knits/Lucky Penny Handmade….. Lu & Coco….. Pukka/FSB Associates….. Bocce’s Bakery….. TropiClean….. Calming Collars….. Hug Me Up!….. Smiling Frog Pets….. Free Range Eco Naturals

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Take a look at this awesome haul! It could all be yours if you’re the winner of our Super-Duper Fantabulous Grab-Bag Giveaway!

Holiday season is rapidly approaching. So what to get for pups and pup lovers? Our Super-Duper Fantabulous Grab-Bag Giveaway is chock full of great gift items you can either keep for yourself (what I want to do) or give away to pup friends. Learn more about these Super-Duper Fantabulous items below, and find out how to enter the giveaway at the end of this post!

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Thanks to everyone to entered our Marc Tetro cut-outs giveaway, and thanks especially to Marc Tetro for sponsoring this fun contest!

And now! Congratulations to our random-drawing winners….

Winners, look for an email soon! And thanks again to all who participated. Y’all give me warm fuzzies.

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Y’all know Marc Tetro’s illustrations, right? Well, he’s recently introduced these awesome little 3D doggie cut-outs, and he sent us a handful of them to give away here on phetched! Awesome. Now you can have a little doggie on your desk, or on your bookshelf, or on your dashboard, or wherever you might need a miniature little doggie in your life.

The cut-outs stand about 5-6 inches tall, come flat-packed and are super easy to assemble. You can see them all here.

Oh, hai – how adorable is this little guy? Answer: very.

We’ll have 3 winners for this giveaway, with each winner receiving two different cut-outs (pug, black lab, dachshund, boxer, Boston terrier, schnauzer, and Westie).

There are two ways to enter the giveaway:

1- Comment on this post (and mention your cut-out preference/s,  if applicable).

2- Tweet the following: Hey, dog people! Win fun new Marc Tetro dog cut-outs from @phetched here: http://bit.ly/au19c1

You can enter up to two times (a comment and/or a tweet). The contest ends Sunday, June 20th, at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time, whereupon 3 winners will be randomly drawn! (I’ll try my best to meet the winners’ requests for particular dogs, but I can’t promise anything, ’cause I only have one of each.)

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Yippee! It’s time to announce the winners of our Laughing Leash giveaway!

First, super big, sloppy thanks to Laughing My Tail Off for sponsoring this great giveaway. If you’re not one of our lucky winners, you can scurry on over there and order one of these great leashes right now.

And now… without further ado… another picture of Dottie modeling the leash, because she’s so cute.

(Winners after the photo)

For the extra small leash, our random-drawing winner is:

Caroline K – whose dog Luke causes a scene if he doesn’t get to go into the dog shop on his walks.

For the small/medium leashes, our random-drawing winners are:

gingela5 – whose dog Sadie hopes to explore the world beyond the neighborhood with the Laughing Leash, and

Anita – whose dog loves walks to the farmer’s market, where she scores lots of free treats.

Thanks again to all who entered, and especially to Laughing My Tail Off!

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I just returned from an awesome vacation involving corned beef, Chris Rock, architecture, and Van Gogh, and while it’s pretty hard to top all that, I thought, Hey, how’s about we give away some stuff on ye olde blog?

This week’s giveaway is brought to you by the folks at Laughing My Tail Off, makers of the revolutionary Laughing Leash. The Laughing Leash, designed something like a long hair scrunchie, gently extends and retracts from 2 to 6 feet and back, effectively eliminating dragging, tangling, and potentially dangerous jerking. It’s made of soft fabric and sports a comfortable cushioned handle, and since the Laughing Leash only extends to 6 feet, it allows your pooch some leeway while still allowing you complete control of your dog (unlike the annoying unwieldy trainwreckish traditional flexi lead, which potentially puts every man, woman, child, and beast in a plus-or-minus-25-foot radius in danger).

Here’s Dottie somberly modeling the leash. The pups have been in “playcare” for the past few days, so she’s a little draggy. Tyra would not be impressed.

Simple in its appearance, the Laughing Leash’s design has already been lauded by dog behaviorists and trainers and was named the Best New Training Tool of 2010 by Animal Training Examiner.

The Laughing Leash comes in two sizes (for dogs under 70 pounds) and a variety of colors and patterns (even fuzzy styles!). And since the leash was originally inspired by a rescue dog named Bennett, Laughing My Tail Off donates a portion of all proceeds to animal shelters and rescues nationwide. That’s awesome.

And now! We’ll have three winners for this giveaway – 2 small/medium leashes (for dogs 20-70 pounds) and 1 extra small leash (for dogs up to 20 pounds).

To enter:

1. Comment on this post with the size of leash (XS or S/M) your dog would use. The XS leash being given away is the stars pattern, while the S/M leashes are red and camo. I’ll choose the winners’ patterns randomly, as it’s my blog and I get to make the rules.

2. In your comment, tell us your dog’s favorite place to walk.

The giveaway is open until Sunday, May 23 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time. We’ll choose 2 S/M winners and 1 XS winner by random drawing and announce them Monday morning!

Only one entry per person, please, and U.S. and Canada shipping addresses only.

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Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who helped phetched celebrate one year by entering last week’s giveaway for the commissioned 10×10 Folk Dogs portrait by the talented Abby McMillen. I loved reading all your comments describing all the great things that have happened in your pups’ lives over the past year. And what a year your pups had! They recovered from illnesses and surgeries, lost weight, moved to new homes, enjoyed special treats and toys, got lost and found again, and visited friends and family. Some of them were even lucky enough to score some donuts and sleep in the people bed. What made me the happiest, though, was hearing of all the pups who were adopted this year into their forever homes.

Also? Your pups have some AWESOME names. Some of my favorites? Sassafras Louise, Tiny Tim, Zero, Roger, and… wait for it… Lazerwulf. Boom.

Anyway, without any further ado, our big winner (selected by random-number generator random.org) is…

… Commenter Number 39, Amanda! This year Amanda’s dog Chevy enjoyed fishing at the river and in his own little kiddie pool.

Congratulations, Amanda and Chevy — you’ll get an email soon with more information from me and Abby regarding your painting!

And thanks again to everyone who entered. You guys are the best!


This past Sunday was phetched.com’s one-year anniversary, and I’d like to send out a HUGE thank you and lots of hugs and kisses to all of YOU GUYS, the readers, who’ve made this past year super fun and exciting. (Brief pause, as a single tear rolls down my cheek.)

To help show my gratitude to all of you for tuning in every day, I’ve got a SUPER GINORMOUS giveaway for you sponsored by Bozeman, MT painter Abby McMillen, creator of the adorable and winsome Folk Dogs.

Abby’s going to do a commissioned Folk Dog painting of a lucky phetched.com reader’s dog!!

Yes, you read that correctly. The winner of this giveaway gets an original 10×10″ painting of their dog in acrylic on gallery canvas, painted by the one, the only Abby McMillen. I’ve been about to bust a gut over this one for MONTHS now, but I did it! I kept the secret! Until today! When you finally get to enter to win!

Find out how to enter after the jump!

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