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I was a lifeguard in college for a summer. Best tan I EVER had, hands down. All in all, it was an OK job and would have actually been kind of cool and relaxing had I not spent the entire summer stressing and silently praying that no one got hurt in the pool and required CPR, ’cause even though I passed the test and successfully revived the rubber and plastic practice dummy, I was fairly certain that I would totally mess it up if I ever had to do it, you know, for realsies.

It’s not a fun thing to think about, but sometime you might have to actually give CPR to your dog or to another dog, say at a the park or on the beach. I thought it’d be helpful to share this video by dog safety expert Melanie Monteiro on the proper techniques for giving canine CPR. (Her dummy, by the way, is way cuter than the hollow-eyed plastic guy I had to suck face with in class – and yet, a doggie CPR dummy is still a little creepy).

Watch and learn!

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Well, it’s 4th of July weekend here in America, when yet again we celebrate freedom and independence, sacrifice and political ideology with alcoholic beverages, grilled meats, and fireworks. I’m always a little depressed on the 4th ’cause to me it always signifies the fleeting passage of summertime, but that’s neither here nor there.

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Please remember that, like me, dogs don’t enjoy every aspect of the 4th… particularly loud fireworks and raucous neighbors. Every year I hear horror stories of dogs who are spooked by fireworks or other celebrations and bolt, or hurt themselves or their homes out of fear. If you’re planning on going off and enjoying the 4th, please make appropriate plans for your pups as well. ‘Cause really, when it sounds to them like hell is raining down from the skies, they couldn’t really care less about freedom and independence and Lee Greenwood.

The ASPCA has more tips for keeping your pets safe on the 4th on their website. Check ‘em out — and have a great weekend. We’ll see you Monday!

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A few weeks back we featured the RuffWear Headwater collar. While the collar looked like it would do a swell job taking care of Wet Collar Stinky Syndrome, RuffWear has announced this week that the collar’s displaying problems with its stitching – apparently some of the stitching is failing when subjected to excessive pulling. (Excessive pulling? I can tell you, as the owner of two husky mixes, that I know absolutely nothing about that.)

Like the stand-up company they are, RuffWear wants to be sure everyone gets their money back while they work on fixing the defect. You can read more about the safety recall and how to get your refund here.

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