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Phetched’s Best Phriends

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Happy Friday, y’all! We’re stoked to introduce to you Maggie and Mac, our newest Best Phriends!

Name: Maggie
Age: 3 years
Hometown: Eugene, Oregon
Owner: Brittany
Breed: Pomeranian
Nicknames: Maggot and Mooie
Arrival story: She had a rough start and luckily a nice woman decided Maggie’s current situation was not in her best interest….from then on she and I have been attached at the hip!

Name: Mac Lethal
Age: 2 years
Breed: Kline Spitz
Nicknames: Mac-erz, Macceroni, and Creep!
Arrival story: Mac was from a poor breeding situation, I had seen him in a covered wooden trailer that a car was towing in the middle of the summer. We took him home immediately and it has been a blessing.

Most annoying habit: Sniffing or licking peoples feet….he’s a foot guy!
Best friend: Kluey, his better half, my mother’s pit bull.
Favorite place/best vacation: The off leash coast trips with his dad and I

Most expensive item ever chewed: A brand new pair of Ugg boots
Favorite food: Gummy candies. Don’t leave any in her reach.
Favorite toy: Paper…she’s a weird weird dog.

If Mac had a job, what would it be? He is already employed and he loves his job. He is a people greeter and product tester at Wags! Dog Emporium.
In a movie about Mac’s life, what actor provides his voice? He would be Kenickie from Grease — same voice, pick up lines and all, you have to meet this dog!
Upon graduation from training school, Mac is named… Best Kisser (be careful, he’s quick)

What’s the biggest trouble Maggie’s ever gotten in? The time I left the house for an hour while she was happily taking a nap and I came home to find an entire ream of paper that weighs more then her measly 5 lbs shredded all over the house.  It looked similar to that of rice being thrown at a wedding. This paper was everywhere. I got home and she was laying in her sweet little bed trying to let our older dog at the time take the heat for it….the dead giveaway was that Maggie had a little piece stuck to her nose. Bad Pom-Poms.
If Maggie wrote her biography, what would it be titled? How Rhinestones and Sequins Are Still Fashionable: The Glamorous life of Miss Maggie Parton
If Maggie were in high school, who would she sit with at lunch? She would probably sit at her own table with an ’80s inspired clique, somewhat gaudy and glitzy.




“STELLLAAAAA!!!” (A Streetcar Named Desire? Anyone? No?) Today’s Best Phriend is Stella, a two-year-old rescued Schnoodle. “SCHNOOOOODLE!!!!!

Name: Stella
Age: She’ll be three on Sept 30th of this year
Hometown: Came from Louisiana……now lives in Portland, ME
Owners: Mary and Rob
Breed/s: Schnoodle
Nicknames: Stella Ballou, Stella Bella, Stinkarella
Arrival Story: I found our beautiful girl on Petfinder.com.  She was sponsored by a local shelter, but was rescued from a high kill shelter in Louisiana and lived with a foster family there until we adopted her.

Favorite food: Treats of any kind!
Special talents or skills: She loves to stand on her hind legs with her front paws on your shoulders and kiss your whole face (you have to be kneeling or sitting down….she’s kinda short!)
Biggest fear: Baths
Special awards or achievements: Won 2nd place in the Mystery Mutt Category at Woofminster 2009 put on by Planet Dog
Most annoying habit: She’s a bed hog!
Arch-nemesis: SQUIRREL!!!!!!
Most expensive item ever chewed: Laptop cable

If Stella were in high school, who would she sit with at lunch? She would socialize at every table because she loves everyone!

Upon graduation from training school, Stella is named Best ____ or Most Likely to ______? Class Clown/Most likely to star on her own reality show

If Stella were on “Survivor,” why would she be voted off the island? Voted off for pooping on the beach and not picking up after herself.

If Stella had a job, what would it be? Stella is a princess and would NEVER work…unless it was as a supermodel.

Stella…Stella…Stella…..she is the most wonderful girl!  We had lost our black lab, Sadie, after 13 years….our hearts were broken into a million pieces and I couldn’t live in a house without a dog!  I searched Petfinder.com for weeks…and came across Stella’s photo. My husband was nervous about a rescue dog that we had never met, but there was something about her sweet little face…..I had to have her. From that very first day…she fit right in!  It was like she had always lived with us….everyone thinks we rescued her, but she rescued us!

She’s even got her own blog.

You’re awesome, Stella, and we’re so happy you found a perfect forever home! Stay tuned to future posts, pups, to see how you can be featured as one of our Best Phriends.


Our Best Phriends network has already welcomed pals from England and Australia in the past, and today we’re stoked to say hello to Kingsley and Robin, two handsome guys living in The Netherlands!

Name: Kingsley… or they call me the KING
Age: 10
Home: The Netherlands
Owner: Shanni
Breed: Border Collie
Nicknames: King king, tiger face, grouchy, Ah 狗(dog in chinese)
Arrival story: Shanni was looking for a dog to adopt after losing her dog to sickness. She answered an adoption advertisement for a terrier. But it turned out that the foster wanted to keep her. She confessed that her dream dog is a border collie. Coincidently, the re-homer knew that there is a border collie in a shelter that is looking for a owner. And it was a match made in heaven. That’s the short story. The long story.. you can read it here.

Name: Robin
Age: 12
Home: The Netherlands
Owner’s name: Harry
Breed: Irish Terrier
Nicknames: Robin, the Boing boing dog
Arrival story: Robin was already with Harry when we came and lived with him.

Favorite food: Bone marrow, meat, cheese
Best trick: My dad wanted Kingsley to bark so he went “Arf! Arf!” He mistook it as “OUT! OUT!” and left the room. It was hilarious (we got it on video!)
Biggest fear: Motorcycles or motorbikes. He fears and hates them to the core. And that’s how he broke the wind screen of the car.
Favorite toy: Squido!!
Special honors or achievements: He has won a twitter contest of a customized painting from Aimeé Hoover. It was the best thing ever.
Hobbies: Running, playing with his frisbee, agility
Favorite place: Anywhere where he can swims
Most expensive item ever destroyed: The windshield of a Mercedes-Benz

Favorite food: Anything that Kingsley has
Special talents or skills: He can go Aarrooo like a bird — honest!
Biggest fear: Water!
Favorite toy: A stuffed Kong
Most annoying habit: Being boing boing boing boing.. and he goes all out to look for bread left outside (by the neighbors) for the ducks.
Hobbies: Chasing rabbits
Favorite place: Anywhere with lots of smells is great
Arch nemesis: Kingsley

In a movie about your pup’s life, what actor provides his voice?
Kingsley: Who else but Ben Kingsley??
Robin: A hyper Will Smith (in “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”)

If your pup were in high school, who would he sit with at lunch? Jocks, nerds, freaks, preps, geeks?
Kingsley: Jocks
Robin: He would be a comedian

What’s your pup’s most embarrassing moment – or the most embarrassed YOU’VE been thanks to your pup?
Kingsley: He loves to go swimming.. and anything with water, he’d be in it. So one day, he jumped into a very SMELLY and STINKY pond, got all his fur stained yellow. We couldn’t get rid of the smell and had to send him to his groomer to be soaked in a tub for hours.
Robin: His fart is silent and HORRIBLE!

If your pup wrote his biography, what would it be titled?
Kingsley: With Love, Anything is Possible
Robin: Why Worry?

What’s the biggest trouble your pup’s ever gotten in?
Robin: A flock of ducks came flying the wrong way, towards us instead of away from us and 1 promptly flew into Robin’s mouth. Being a terrier, he bit it and refused to let go. It was horrible as we couldn’t help the duck. And the day Robin found a frozen (dead) rabbit and refused to let go.

If your pup had a job, what would it be?
Kingsley: Being a sheepdog.
Robin: Running free in the sun.

Thanks, Robin and Kingsley! We’re not currently accepting submissions for Best Phriends, but stay tuned to future posts for information on how your pup(s) can be featured!


It’s a big day! Kate and William got married, of course. But also, we get to meet a new Best Phriend!

Name: Misty Lynn
Age: 5
Home: New Hampshire
Owner’s name: Betty
Breed/s: German Pointer/Hound Mix
Nicknames: Nuggets, Stinky
Arrival story: Misty hails from the great state of Tennessee, where according to our paperwork, she had a liter of nine (yes nine!) puppies. She was practically a puppy herself when she had all those pups at the age of one. Unfortunately, we never got to meet her puppies since we adopted her when she was almost two from a local animal shelter.

Favorite food: Cat food. Really! She would much prefer that I put the cat’s kibble directly into her bowl.
Special talents or skills: Hearing a gunshot or firecrackers from miles away. If Misty hears any loud gunshot or bang from fireworks she runs into our bedroom to hide. Since she is a shelter dog we really don’t know much about her past circumstances. Even though she is a hunting dog by breed, she definitely doesn’t like hunting.
Biggest fear: Okay, not only does our little hunting dog hate gunshots, but she also hates the water. So much for being bred to both point and retrieve!
Favorite toy: Squeaky toys
Special honors or achievements: Queen of Flushing Turkeys
Most annoying habit: licking the kitchen floor
Hobbies: Chasing chipmunks, going for car rides, and trying to trip passersby by suddenly lying down and exposing her belly for a rub
Favorite place: Anywhere outside that allows for free romping through the woods, a cozy fire, and a tent to curl up in!
Arch nemesis: Chipmunks!

In a movie about Misty’s life, what actor provides her voice? A sweet, petite southern belle.

If Misty were a superhero, what would her special power be? Misty’s special power would most likely be invisibility. That way she could sneak up on unsuspecting chipmunks and other small game.

What’s the biggest trouble Misty’s ever gotten in? Misty was “red flagged” by our vet due the trouble she caused in just a few short hours. We left her so that the vet could run a few tests on a recent skin irritation. Apparently Misty wasn’t happy with this and she somehow managed to open two locked gates and escape. She showed up at the front door thirty minutes later – covered in animal doo.

(Stay tuned to future posts to find out how your pup can be featured as a Best Phriend!)

Y’all, this is Mochi. HOW CUTE IS SHE??? She’s the apple of her owner Carrie’s eye, and it’s easy to see why.

Name: Mochi
Age: Just turned ONE!
Hometown: New York City
Owner: Carrie
Breed: Alaskan Klee Kai
Nicknames: Mochi-chi, Mochinator, Momo, Mochku
Arrival story: After a few doggy-sitting gigs for friends, I was determined to have my own Alaskan Klee Kai. When it was time for her to join us in New York City, she took a road trip for two days from Illinois before we were able to finally meet for the first time. The best part of it all is that she has converted my anti-dog boyfriend into a puddle of goo these days. I can’t imagine what life would be like without her anymore!

Favorite food: Ice cubes and SNOW! She’d rather lay down on the snow and just chomp away than bother doing her business.
Best trick: Mochi will tell you ‘I love youuu!’ if you ask nicely.
Favorite toy: Any kind of soft toy that she can carry around in her mouth.
Most annoying habit: Her obsession with licking lotion, to the point where I avoid putting it on around her because she’ll chase you down to lick you… It was a pretty ashy winter for our family this year…
Hobbies: Chasing squirrels and actually catching pigeons. Not sure if NYC pigeons are just dumber and slower by nature, but she’s managed to catch two of them in the four months she’s been with us. Both times she was so fast that I didn’t even notice she had caught one until the dirty pigeon was freaking out in the grips of her jaws.
Best friend: Lilo is her sister born from the same litter and lives with good friends of mine who we see often. They love playing together and definitely remember each other so it’s heartwarming knowing the two of them didn’t get separated.
Most expensive item ever chewed: On an impulse buy, I bought her the PrimaDog Strawberry House. The next day, Mochi and Lilo were left alone with it and decided it looked pretty delicious, so they ended up chewing a giant hole in it. It was pretty devastating… for me. Mochi still happily sleeps in the holey strawberry with no problems!

If Mochi were in high school, who would she sit with at lunch? Jocks, nerds, freaks, preps, geeks? She’d be around all the kids that are the same size as her… and preferably don’t drool.

Upon graduation from training school, Mochi is named…? Most Likely to talk your ear off.

If Mochi had a job, what would it be? Mochi would be jobless because she loves napping too much to have the ambition to do much else.

Can’t get enough Mochi? Check out her blog here!

(Note: We’re not currently accepting submissions for Best Phriends, but tune in to future posts to see how your pup can be featured!)


It’s time to meet more Best Phriends! Our new pals are Toby and Todd from lovely Nampa, Idaho.

Name – Toby
Age – 4 years…ish
Hometown – Nampa, Idaho
Owner – April
Breed/s – Labrador/Whippet?
Nicknames – Tobe, Toblerone, Bud, Tobester, and so many more
Arrival story – He was my high school graduation present! I asked my parents for a dog my whole life, finally they got me one! I adopted him from the Idaho Humane Society’s inmate trained dogs program. He is my boy :) I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect gift.

Favorite food – Everything! But he seems particularly tempted by Canidae treats.
Best trick – Too many to choose from! Probably running on the treadmill, or holding a toy/treat on his nose.
Arch nemesis – The dreaded laser pointer!

What’s the biggest trouble your pup’s ever gotten in? He got into his food and ate about six cups at once, he was not comfortable! Nearly gave me a panic attack thinking he might get bloat!

If your pup had a job, what would it be? Janitor, preferably in a kitchen, he would lick the place spotless!

Name – Todd
Age – 3.5 years-ish
Hometown – Nampa, Idaho
Owner’s first name – Kayleen
Breed/s – Chihuahua/Pomeranian ?
Nicknames – Toddrick, Toddler, Short Bus
Arrival story – He was found abandoned in the country by a friend who couldn’t keep him, so my sister asked my parents if he could live with us while she is living where dogs aren’t allowed. He’s not the brightest but he is a sweetheart.

Special talents or skills – If you hold him over the tub (empty or full) he swims in midair.
Most annoying habit – He almost never settles down to snuggle with you unless he can get between your legs. He will stand on your legs shifting his paws and spinning around until you let him in.
Best friend – Kayleen, but when she isn’t here it’s definitely my dad.

In a movie about your pup’s life, what actor/actress provides his/her voice? Michael J Fox.

If your pup were in high school, who would he/she sit with at lunch? Jocks, nerds, freaks, preps, geeks, etc.? We always say that Todd would be in the Special Ed class. It took him about six weeks to learn “sit” and sometimes he is just a little off, like trying to chew his tail and run straight at the same time!

Please note: We are not currently accepting submissions for Best Phriends, but check back in later installments for information on how your pup can be featured!


We’re so happy to welcome Noodles, a handsome Welsh terrier, to our Best Phriends! Noodles is a lucky rescue dog who’s found a wonderful forever home, and he even has his own blog.

Name: Noodles
Age: 3
Home: Brighton, UK
Owner’s name: Jackie
Breed: Welsh Terrier
Nicknames: Noodlywooeds, Noodles von Poodles

Arrival story: My partner Jamie and I were previously owned by two rescue Wire Fox Terriers, Watson and then Jackson. When Jackson died in May last year, we contacted the two fox terrier rescue organisations here in the UK, but they both only had girls, and we knew we wanted another boy. Eventually they told us about a 2.5-year-old little Welsh Terrier that needed a new home. He had been used as a stud dog and lived outside in kennels. We knew he would be a bit of a challenge, but he stole our hearts the moment we saw him.

Best trick: Doing tricks is beneath him :)
Favorite toy: Anything furry and squeaky, but his current favourite is Mr. Monkey. He’s currently on Mr. Monkey 4. Mr. Monkeys 1-3 are sadly no more.
Special honors or achievements: From hundreds of dogs, Noodles reached the final 25 in the Winalot Family Moments competition. The finalists all had their portraits taken by famous wildlife photographer Andy Rouse and were displayed at an exhibition at the Getty Gallery in London.
Hobbies: Eating, snoozing, eating, running, and, oh, did I mention eating?
Most expensive item ever chewed: Noodles doesn’t bother chewing anything that isn’t food. I think he feels that it’s a waste of valuable eating time.

If Noodles were in high school, who would he sit with at lunch? He’d sit with whoever had the best sandwiches.

If your pup wrote his biography, what would it be titled? “I am NOT a miniature Airedale, I am a Welsh Terrier”

What’s the biggest trouble Noodles has ever gotten in? Having a wee- and poop-fest in the front room of our dog sitter. Needless to say, he’s now been banned.

Noodles has been on a huge learning curve since we rehomed him. He previously lived outside in a kennel, so he wasn’t housetrained, and although he loves dogs, he’s pretty nervous of people. He didn’t know any basic commands but recently graduated from Dog Obedience school with flying colours. He couldn’t climb our stairs, was terrified of the TV, barked at all reflections, had never walked on a lead, and used to pace in circles. He’s now overcome all these challenges, and I know he’ll continue to develop into a smashing little dog. You can read more about his transformation on his new blog, Noodles About.

(Note: We’re not currently accepting submissions for Best Phriends, but stay tuned to future posts to see how your pup can be featured!)


I love a good story of a girl and her dog! Here’s our newest Best Phriend, Riley, best friend of photographer Brittani Bowling.

Name: Riley
Age: 2
Home: Maryland
Owner’s name: Brittani
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Nicknames: Stinky, Riley boy, Ryguy, Riley pants, Poop head, Pumpkin, R dog
Arrival story: While we’d always had Golden Retrievers that were all-around “family dogs” (didn’t really belong to one of us over another). I’d always wanted my own puppy to come with me wherever I went. Finally my parents agreed, and along came Riley boy!

Special talents or skills: Unfortunately, stealing people food. Think three steaks and an entire baked chicken (Yes…the entire thing…bones and all…he really had us worried for 3 days after, but somehow everything was okay.)
Favorite toy: HATS! He will literally take it right off your head if you sit down, and good luck getting it back.
Most annoying habit: Snoring and being a bed hog.
Hobbies: Playing “torpedo dog” (basically running around out of control, most often after getting out of the pool), sleeping…a lot, hanging out at the barn, cruising with his head out the car window, playing dog model for me.
Most expensive item ever chewed: My mom’s brand-new heels…oops.

If Riley wrote his biography, what would it be titled? Life in the Fast Lane by Riley Pants

What’s Riley’s most embarrassing moment – or the most embarrassed YOU’VE been thanks to Riley? When Riley comes to school with me he stays at my apartment, and one afternoon after a nice rain I walked out of the back door of my building to find my neighbor and his dog standing about 10 feet away. Riley immediately wrapped the leash once around my legs (classic, I know), and lunged to play with the other dog. It happened so quickly that I didn’t have time to spin around and avoid the legs-tied-together move, so down I went, into the mud, losing the retractable leash (which retracted and scared Riley, of course). All the while my big yellow blob of a dog proceeded to get tangled in the other dog’s leash, with my neighbor totally wondering what in the world just happened. After getting the dogs untangled and finally getting Riley back under control, I apologized, laughed, admitted it was the most embarrassing thing that had ever happened to me, and went the other direction to avoid another run-in.  To this day, whenever this guy sees Riley and I out to walk, he doesn’t even acknowledge me and does an about-face…but I can’t say I blame him.

If Riley were a superhero, what would his special power be? Extreme speed!

What’s the biggest trouble Riley’s ever gotten in? I’m going to have to go with stealing my dad’s just-seasoned and ready-to-go-on-the-grill steaks while I was away at college…needless to say, Dad was pretty upset.

(Note: We’re not currently accepting submissions for Best Phriends, but stay tuned to future posts to see how your pup can be featured!)

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It’s Friday, so it’s time for a new Best Phriend! This is Lilly Mae. She’s a beauty!

Name: Lilly Mae
Age: 1 year 10 months
Hometown: Long Beach, CA
Owners: Alaina & Randy
Breed/s: Cocker Spaniel/Poodle & Pug/Beagle mix
Nicknames: Lil, Little Girl, Wiwwy Girl, Princess Girl

Arrival story: My boyfriend and I had been discussing getting a dog, so we were searching around on Craigslist and found a man whose dog had 3 puppies that he could not keep. I was immediately attracted to the beige and white runt of the litter, but upon emailing the seller, found out it was already on hold. There was one girl and one boy still available, so I set up a time to look at the black and white little girl. My boyfriend ended up having to work, so I went with some friends. When we pulled up, the man was holding this teeny tiny puppy in his arms and there was no way I could have brought myself to leave without her. My boyfriend had a furry, fiery, adorable little surprise when he got home that evening! No matter how much grief he occasionally gives me for making the decision without him, I wouldn’t have it any other way – I ended up with the most perfect little girl who has made our lives so special!

Favorite food: Whatever you’re eating!
Most annoying habit: Chewing up EVERY SINGLE toy we’ve ever gotten for her. We now stick to giving her edible things to play with.
Hobbies: Cuddling with her Mama, watching TV, barking and wagging her tail in her sleep, asking for treats, and running around in circles.
Best friend: Otis, a Dachshund-Pug owned by our very close friends. We got Lilly on Otis’ birthday, so I told him I got him a friend as a gift!
Most expensive item ever chewed: My MacBook charger. Who knew those things cost $80??!! (Editor’s note: yeah, I knew that. Mingus chewed one once. Jerk.)

If Lilly were in high school, who would she sit with at lunch? Jocks, nerds, freaks, preps, geeks, etc.? Lilly would be a table-floater. She loves EVERYBODY she meets and does not discriminate. She is a little social butterfly.

If Lilly wrote her biography, what would it be titled? Eat, Love, Play

What’s the biggest trouble Lilly’s ever gotten in? Her very first Christmas, Lilly somehow got outside and decided it would be fun to run around in the street and chase a cat while I hysterically tried anything I could to catch her. She never officially got in trouble because I was so relieved when I finally used her leash to wrangle her back inside.

(Welcome to our Best Phriends, Lilly Mae! Please note: We’re not currently accepting submissions for new Best Phriends, but stay tuned to future posts for how to add your pup to our circle of Phriends!)


Today’s Best Phriends are littermates from New York, Don and Juan. The fountain trick? Whooo boy.

Name: Don and Juan (littermates)
Age: 12
Hometown or state: They were born in rural Georgia but recently made the move to Western New York
Owners: Sheryl and Jason
Breed/s: Long-haired chihuahua (with a pinch of Pom)
Arrival story: I found Don and Juan on Petfinder, sent a picture to my husband and wrote, “These are our dogs.” He saw the photo . . . and agreed. We had a “meet and greet” at a local pet store and they were ours for good a week later. They were six years old, had been living on a screened-in back porch for their entire lives, and had never seen a vet, groomer, etc. The rescuer said they were the dirtiest dogs she had ever seen. They had to be shaved, but, thanks to the power of warm beds, belly rubs, and food on a regular basis, their fur (and sweet, gentle nature) returned.

Favorite food: Cool Whip for both.
Special talents or skills: Juan is a hairdresser. We can always tell when he’s been putting his talents to work (aka, licking Don). Don’s mane is sticking out, up, over—very guinea pig. Juan will only stop when we tell him, “It’s okay. Donnie is clean. Thank you.”
Best trick: Juan’s fountain trick is always a crowd pleaser. Whenever he gets caught doing something he shouldn’t, he will stop, roll over and shoot a stream of pee skyward!
Favorite toy: Donnie has a teddy bear (resembles Garfield’s Pooky) that he must have within sight at all times. I used to wash the thing once a week but finally caught on and just started buying them in bulk. We keep a three- to four-bear stockpile at all times.
Best friend: Each other! They also love their sister, Clara, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and puppy mill rescue, who joined the family almost two years ago. She generates a lot of body heat so they’ve allowed her to stay.
Arch nemesis: Pretty much any person (other than Mom and Dad) or object that emits noise. Donnie gets especially incensed when someone has the nerve to walk by HIS house without requesting permission first. He’ll puff up his six-pound body to make it look closer to eight pounds.

If Don and Juan were in high school, who would they sit with at lunch (jocks, nerds, freaks, preps, geeks, etc.)? They would never make it past the lunch counter to the tables—would be too busy hanging out with the lunch ladies begging for extras.
What are Don and Juan’s most embarrassing moments – or the most embarrassed YOU’VE been thanks to your pups? We are thankful (not to mention surprised) that Don and Juan have not been banned from any pet grooming establishments. Don hates having his nails trimmed and Juan does not appreciate anyone touching his little ear tufts. They both start barking the second we arrive at the groomers, soon joined by the chorus of all the other previously quiet dogs.  We always pick them up early because we know the groomers are eager to restore sanity to their shop. We also leave a very large tip!

Welcome to our Best Phriends crew, Don and Juan! We’re not currently accepting applications for more Best Phriends – but check back in future installments to find out how your pup(s) can be featured.


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