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Awww, prettiness!!!!! West Paw Designs has released special seasonal colors of their legendary Hurley and Zisc toys for the spring. Get ‘em while they’re hot (and available), y’all.

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Concerned that your dog’s play isn’t eco-conscious enough? Of course you are. Well, never fear! Hemp and bamboo toys are here!

The Eco-Fetcher and Eco-Tugger are made from super-strong hemp, one of the most sustainable materials on earth. These tug-and-toss toys are machine-washable, natural anti-bacterial, and made in the USA by disabled adults. And when that plastic Chuck-It breaks, you can replace it with the ultra-durable Bamboo Chuck, featuring an ergonomic cork handle.

You can fetch these and other eco-friendly toys at Olive Green Dog.

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Have I told you about how my dogs can’t fetch? Yeah, they suck at it. I guess Huskies aren’t really into it. Dottie kind of gets it — enough to bust in on fetch games at the park and make a total jerk of herself. We do a lot of apologizing. Mingus apparently couldn’t care less about the whole activity.

Maybe they just need some practice? These soft bones from Crate & Barrel would be great for practicing fetch inside, where distractions (and potential damage) would be minimal.

Fetch them at Crate & Barrel.

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Hmm. Any ideas as to what it is?

Get your mind out of the gutter.

It’s the Roxxter, the first ever toy from Dublin Dog.

The Roxxter is made from recyclable materials, has a fresh vanilla scent, and floats, bounces, and rolls. That opening in the top can hold treats or kibble, and the Roxxter’s counter-weighted roll can keep a dog’s little brain entertained for hours — or, in Mingus’ case, seconds, until he just decides to just cut to the chase and bite it in half. (And in case you’ve got a Mingus on your hands, Dublin Dog will provide a one-time replacement of the Roxxter if you’re not completely satisfied.)

You can fetch the Roxxter from Dublin Dog.

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We’ve had an interesting week here at Chez Phetched. First, Dottie failed to clear a small brick garden wall on an ass-tear around the yard and scraped the heeze out of her leg. Then yesterday Mingus decided to try to scale our 6-foot privacy fence and, unfortunately, succeeded. Everyone is safe and sound, but my nerves are, sadly, quite spent.

Up until these events, the most exciting thing that had happened to Ming and Dot lately was a new toy came into the house – the Bonbal, part of Petprojekt’s new collection of toys. It’s a well-designed toy (green, below) that’s fun to toss and fetch. The outer ends of the bone flip in to form a (mostly round) ball, which can also hold treats. Pretty cool.

Also pictured above: Cozmo, Dogbal, and Dogbon. You can check them all out at Petprojekt. (We found them cheaper at Petsmart.)

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These little guys are so cool. Pet Flys is donating a portion of proceeds from their Perfect World Pets (aptly named Faith, Hope, and Peace) to Pets of the Homeless, a truly awesome organization. Each toy is just $7 — or you can get the whole set for $18.

Cute, colorful, and charitable? I’m verklempt, for real.

Tail wags to Barkzilla for the find.

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ToyShoppe® has a new line of robot toys that are cute and cheap. My favorite is the “Robot with Ball Body.” How’s that for a straightforward product name?

You can fetch all the ToyShoppe® robot toys at Petsmart.


A few throwbacks to remind you of the good old days.

1 // dogverse plush toy from muttropolis

2 // muttown record plush** from fivestarfido

3 // mix tape plush toy from muttropolis

4 // old school repp collar from mascot

5 // roller skate plush toy from artful pups

** $24.99? What? That’s more than a real record.


One of our most-used nicknames for Dottie is Dizzy. (Dottie > Dottie Dizzle > Dizzle > Dizzy) It’s apropos, I think, as her brain seems sort of permanently scattered.

Nina Ottosson‘s newest interactive toy is the Dog Dizzy, and it seeks to give your pup a physical and mental workout by rolling, spinning, and, as your pup bats it around, periodically ejecting treats held inside. The Dog Dizzy has a weighted bottom, so it always lands upright (kind of like a Weeble), and unlike, say, a Kong, the Dizzy has an interior plastic shelf, causing your pup to have to work a little harder to free the captive treats.

There’s no way Dottie will be able to figure it out.

Fetch Dog Dizzy at Amazon or PupLife.

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We spent Christmas weekend in Virginia. There are some really crazy place names in Virginia. Occoquan, Quantico, Tuckahoe, Tappahannock, Tuckernuck. What?

The new Kong Tugger Knots kind of sound like a place in Virginia. “Where are you from?” “Tuggernotts, Virginia.”

Tugger Knots are a new tug, chew, and plush toy all in one. Inside stuffing-free, double-ply plush, the ropes are knotted together for greater chewing pleasure and a more “realistic feel” (like “realistic” road kill? Not sure.)

You can fetch Tugger Knots at Amazon and in pet stores all over.

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