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This fall, LeSportsac has (finally) introduced a new line of pet carriers. If I actually have to explain in words to you how much I love LeSportsac, it’s possible that we can’t be friends anymore.

LeSportsac’s pet carrier features a zippered main closure and exterior pocket, a removable bottom panel, and its own 6-foot dog leash. Look for more colors and sizes coming in 2011.

My dogs don’t really need carriers — although carrying Dottie on a walk would probably be less physically taxing than actually walking her — so I might just have to settle for the (CUTE!!) dog bone toy instead.

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You may have heard the story of Sugar before, as her quest for a new, happy life garnered her a bit of internet fame. Sugar’s short life, though filled with pain and abuse, serves as a model of forgiveness, trust, and love.

Dropped at a Los Angeles shelter in a state near death, Sugar had been abused, burned with acid, and bore an infected scar from what looked like an amateur C-section job. (What the eff is wrong with some people? Guess what, turds? Acid HURTS.)

Through the efforts of shelter workers, community supporters, foster care, and rescue organization Molly’s Mutts and Meows, Sugar nevertheless overcame these horrors (plus a diagnosis of skin cancer) and displayed an extraordinary ability to love, trust, and forgive despite her horrific past. Sadly, though, Sugar succumbed to complications from the abuse inflicted upon her before she was ever able to be placed in her forever home.

Kim Rodgers of Bark Pet Photography, one of the tireless supporters who worked to give Sugar a better life, created Sugar Tags in memory of the sweet dog who, despite the terrible ways in which humans had treated her in the past, “somehow learned to forgive, trust, and ultimately love those around her.” All profits from the sale of Sugar Tags go to Molly’s Mutts and Meows, which spent more than $8000 trying to help nurse Sugar back to health.

In addition to helping support Molly’s Mutts and Meows, Rodgers hopes that Sugar Tags will help spread Sugar’s story of courage, forgiveness, and love.

You can fetch Sugar Tags from Bark Pet Photography.

Now! Dry those tears and get to work.

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I would definitely call myself a “big dog person,” despite the fact that I have two measly little 40-pounders running around my house. One thing I’d love about a small dog, though? Not tripping over monstrous dog beds every time I turn around. (We only have two, but somehow they’re always right where I’m trying to walk.)

The Crater Dot from Sleepypod is an awesome, compact little lounger for a small dog or (gasp!) cat. Its base is made of contoured, molded foam, so it provides support and cushion despite its small size. You can even place Sleepypod’s warming pad inside for extra snuggliness.

I like the fact that it’s small and compact enough to toss into the car for trips (you know, if your dog’s small and well-behaved enough to be trusted to leave the house).

Check Sleepypod’s website for a video on how it works.

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