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So, is this officially, like, the shortest summer ever, or what? I mean, it’s going to be broiling at best here in the South for at least another month, but kids go back to school, what, like next week? Duuude, I bet they are BUMMED.

Your pup can rock summer style all year long thanks to Island Dog Gear‘s leashes, collars, and accessories inspired by Hawaiian beach style. My personal favorite? The portable Bowl-to-Go, available in happy funtime summertime colors.

Found via Daily Kibble.

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Well, much to my surprise, even though the World Cup is over, there are other sports happenings going on in the world… there’s Lebron’s big decision, of course, and the British Open, and then that big bike race through France. (I’ll tell you, if I’m making a trip to the French Alps, you probably won’t find me sweating on a bike — I’ll be in a cafe with a glass of wine and some fondue or something.)

If you’re a biker, though, and you’d like to bike with your pup, maybe you should spring for a Springer. The Springer, developed in Norway in the late ’80s, is available in the US through Springer America. The Springer’s patented design keeps you and your dog safe on a joint bike ride, allowing you to stay balanced and keeping a leash from getting dangerously tangled. Norwegian brilliance, y’all.

Anyone used one? Whatcha think? Does it make riding a bike with a pup as easy as…. riding a bike?

Fetch one at Springer America. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee!

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There are a coupla cool dog parks we’ve been frequenting since we moved here to Asheville, but one of our new favorites doesn’t have a water spigot, which we’re not used to. So we’ve got to start remembering to take some water with us when we go. We might need to add RuffDawg’s new RuffBowl to our dog park bag.

Actually, we don’t have a dog park bag. But maybe we should. With a bowl in it. And water.

Fetch the collapsible, durable RuffBowl online or at a store near you.

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