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I remember seeing Amelia Santiago‘s felted wool dog sculptures a while back somewhere on these here interwebs — I can’t remember where it was, but then I often can’t remember whether I’ve fed the dogs or not. Anyway, I was stoked when she contacted me and jogged my memory, ’cause her work is seriously amazing, y’all.

Amelia creates these tiny little canines from wool fibers with a needle. A NEEDLE. Do you know what I can do with a needle? Pretty much NOTHING. I can Frankenstein the pups’ toys back together, and that’s really it. (What I need to know is if Amelia can make sculptures out of dog hair. I’ve got enough here to fabricate a veritable tiny-dog army.)

But I’ve digressed. Amelia uses photographs sent to her by clients to create custom sculptures of their dogs. (You can check out the client gallery on her site to see the amazing likenesses.) She’s sculpted dozens of breeds and a totally squeal-worthy passel of mutts, too.

I AM IN AWE, y’all.

Amelia Santiago lives and works in Portland, Oregon. Go visit her website and be amazed.

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Maybe you’re like me and think Star Wars is pretty cool. Maybe you hate it with unbridled passion. Either way, you’ve got to recognize this is the shizz: animator Patrick Boivin imagines a day in the life of a pet AT-AT.

Via our friends at OKGreat

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