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My pal Rebecca – who loves a good, kinda sniffly, heartwarming doggie tale as much as I do – sent me the link yesterday to the trailer for My Dog Tulip, a new animated film based on the acclaimed memoir of British writer and editor J. R. Ackerley. (My Dog Tulip was actually made in 2009, but its theatrical release was September 2010.) Starring the voices of Christopher Plummer, Lynn Redgrave, and Isabella Rossellini, My Dog Tulip is exquisitely animated and directed by Paul and Sandra Fierlinger and has been lauded by Vanity Fair as “the love story of the year.”

I know it’s totally gonna make me sniffle.

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Maybe you’re like me and think Star Wars is pretty cool. Maybe you hate it with unbridled passion. Either way, you’ve got to recognize this is the shizz: animator Patrick Boivin imagines a day in the life of a pet AT-AT.

Via our friends at OKGreat

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A fun little animation by Mark Dedaj.

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