March 3, 2011Petprojeckt Toys

We’ve had an interesting week here at Chez Phetched. First, Dottie failed to clear a small brick garden wall on an ass-tear around the yard and scraped the heeze out of her leg. Then yesterday Mingus decided to try to scale our 6-foot privacy fence and, unfortunately, succeeded. Everyone is safe and sound, but my nerves are, sadly, quite spent.

Up until these events, the most exciting thing that had happened to Ming and Dot lately was a new toy came into the house – the Bonbal, part of Petprojekt’s new collection of toys. It’s a well-designed toy (green, below) that’s fun to toss and fetch. The outer ends of the bone flip in to form a (mostly round) ball, which can also hold treats. Pretty cool.

Also pictured above: Cozmo, Dogbal, and Dogbon. You can check them all out at Petprojekt. (We found them cheaper at Petsmart.)

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  1. Lori @ According to Gus’s avatar

    I saw your tweet about Mingus…so glad everyone is home, safe and sound!

    I’ve never seen these Bonbal’s before, but will definitely check them out. We started panicking the other day about how much we’ll need to pack when we travel. This 2-in-1 toy would be great!

  2. Krazy4Pets’s avatar

    I had a chance to to play them and they are well made. The bone/ball is genius.

  3. Emilee Fuss’s avatar

    My doggie niece, Olivia Jane, got a set of these toys for Christmas! They’re the only type of toy she can have, since she is so destructive. The funchux toy is especially dangerous, since she likes to spin around really fast with her toys! Look out or your shins will not be happy!

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