February 23, 2011Phodography: Julie Clegg

Seattle-area photographer Julie Clegg’s company is named Bailey & Banjo, after her two yellow labs. Clegg’s slogan is “Photography for cool pets and happy people,” and I’m struck by how fitting those words are. Take a stroll through her galleries (both lifestyle and studio) and you’ll find photos of just that — dogs being dogs, and people happy to be around them.

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  1. Lori @ According to Gus’s avatar

    I could spend the entire day browsing through Bailey & Banjo’s gallery. It inspires me to break out my camera manual and learn more about photography!

  2. Shauna (Fido & Wino)’s avatar

    I love these photos! Really love the first one- definitely happy pups and people :)

  3. Trude’s avatar

    Such great smiles! Love these. :)

  4. Two Pitties in the Citys’s avatar

    I was just looking through the blog and website, and all the photos are so amazing! I love how she really captured the essence of each dog, not to mention the beautiful Seattle scenery.

  5. Pup Fan’s avatar

    I love these photos! Such energy. :)

  6. Bensen’s avatar

    Love Julie and her work. The first photo is Jonus. He is so handsome. Julie really captured him in all of his beauty. LOVE IT!

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