January 31, 2011Mingus & Dottie Try It: Cloud Star Treats

UPDATE: Our contest winner was Commenter #17, Katie! Congratulations, Katie!


Mingus and Dottie don’t do much to help around the house, but they’re always ready to step up when there’s a treat review to be done. In this installment of Mingus & Dottie Try It, Mingus & Dottie try Soft & Chewy Buddy Biscuits and Trail Hound Dog Snacks, sent to us by Melissa at Cloud Star.

Both Trail Hound snacks and Buddy Biscuits soft and chewy treats are made in the USA with all natural ingredients. Trail Hound treats are low fat, perfect for both older pups and active youngsters. Although they contain no corn, no salt, no sugar, no soy, no egg, and no BHA or BHT, Trail Hound treats are loaded with healthy stuff, like essential fatty acids, antioxidants, L-carnatine, and kelp.

I had my doubts, as the Trail Hounds kind of look like those “cardboard” treats they have at the vet — but they smell good, and Mingus & Dottie got really excited over the Yogurt, Apple & Banana flavor. I like how they’re two treats joined together like a domino – perfect for snapping in half and splitting between two dogs.

Next Mingus and Dottie tried the Soft & Chewy Buddy Biscuits, shaped like little gingerbread men. This version of the original Buddy Biscuits is fragrant, soft, and chewy, and MY DOGS LOVED THESE TREATS. Seriously, they kind of caused a scene. I almost got mauled trying to take that picture up there. Like Trail Hounds, Buddy Biscuits are low in fat and contain no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, but they apparently do not fall short on taste. It’s hard to believe my dogs could be so crazy about something that’s actually good for them.

Suffice it to say that when we finish up our freebie bags, we’ll be getting more Cloud Star treats.

Something else I really like about Cloud Star? Following their motto of “Wag More, Bark Less,” the company (founded in 1999) makes an effort to help pups and people in need. Believing that “good business should include doing good for others,” Cloud Star has pledged at least 10% of net profits to organizations that benefit animals, women, children, and the environment.

You can see all of Cloud Star’s treats here and find out where to fetch them here.

We want to share! Simply comment on this post below, and we’ll send one lucky (random) commenter a box of Trail Hound snacks (Chicken & Sweet Potato) and a bag of Soft & Chewy Buddy Biscuits (Duck)! We’ll draw a winner at 8:00 Eastern time today. (Sorry – We can only ship to U.S. and Canadian addresses.)

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  1. Brandi’s avatar

    We love buddy biscuits!

  2. Roxanna’s avatar

    We’re always on the lookout for new types of treats, and I’m pretty sure my pups would scarf these down!

  3. Julie Garland-Powers’s avatar

    My boyz adore Cloud Star products! Paws are crossed.

  4. weezie777’s avatar

    my new pup would love these!

  5. Marissa’s avatar

    Freddy loves all treats being a beagle and all!!

  6. Cat K.’s avatar

    Charlie likes treats! You can come over and watch him drool on the floor.

  7. Corley’s avatar

    I bet Rocky would love these! We’re forever looking for treats that taste good and won’t make him a fatty. ;)

  8. Peaches’s avatar

    Charlie Brown has lost a lot of teeth in his long life. I think the little chewies would be great for him because he could easily gum them up before swallowing. He has a hard time with jerkey treats because he can’t chew them. I hope we win! Between Chuck’s asthma and my root canal, I’m too broke to buy treats this month.

  9. Candace’s avatar

    My Coco loves the chewy Buddys, and I’m always looking for new treats for her!

  10. Steph B’s avatar

    Riker LOVES the Soft& Chewy Buddy biscuits. We don’t leave the house without them! they are easy to break into little bits, so I can get 5 or 6 training treats out of each little man.

  11. Allison Shamrell’s avatar

    We would love some new treats! Cute how the ones on the right are people-shaped!

  12. Christa’s avatar

    Oooh, I’ve seen these in the store. I’m sure Toby would love some new treats!

  13. Emilee Fuss’s avatar

    Cloud Star makes some of the best treats! And Buddy Biscuits share the name of my dog, so that makes them even more awesome in my book!

  14. dogzoomies’s avatar

    Cloudstar also makes grain free biscuits – look for their Provenance lineup. My dogs LOVE the cheese!

  15. Amber’s avatar

    I’ve seen these and always wanted to try them for Cooper & Hurley!

  16. Kim’s avatar

    Would LOVE some, thanks!

  17. Katie’s avatar

    I recently discovered my super picky dog LOVES the buddy biscuits. We would love to win some!

  18. Becky Allen’s avatar

    Winston the Beagle thinks these look super yummy. He’s a picky eater and will only stay with a food and treat for a month or so before he’s bored so we are constantly on the look out for new, natural and healthy treats to try.

  19. Lori @ According to Gus’s avatar

    We’ve been wanting to try the Soft & Chewy BB’s. Gus is sorta lazy when it comes to chewing something hard and crunchy. What a punk ;)

  20. Kara’s avatar

    Great products! I also love the Buddy Wash.

  21. Vicki Y’s avatar

    Morgan’s already drooling. :)

  22. Samantha’s avatar

    Pixie and Annie both LOVE the Soft & Chewy Buddy Biscuits!

  23. Heather’s avatar

    Murphy would love to try these! Also headed to the website to see where I can buy them! Thanks!

  24. Caitlin L’s avatar

    Sounds like my picky eater would LOVE these! Also love the natural ingredients since my pup has some allergies to things like corn and peanut butter flavored treats.

  25. Tara Liddicoat’s avatar

    Cool! Harley & Milo would love to give these a taste test!

  26. Libby’s avatar

    Millie loves treats more than anything in this world. Seriously. And these look delicious, and good for her!

  27. Trude’s avatar

    So fun – thanks for the review! I’ll have to give Cloud Star a try, since we can’t do dry treat thanks to Dante’s dry Italian Greyhound mouth. :)

  28. Vicki’s avatar

    Lucy loves her treats!! and duck is her favorite flavor!

  29. Julie’s avatar

    I wonder if my Lhasa Apso, Ziggy, would like either of those. He is the pickiest eater in the world!

  30. Cara’s avatar

    I’ve always been a fan of the Cloud Star line of treats and my dog loves them!

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