January 18, 2011Dublin Dog Eco-Lucks

Dublin Dog’s eco-Lucks leashes feature an ergonomic handle and a detachable pouch for money, keys, or poop bags. Made from 100% post-consumer plastic bottles, each eco-Lucks leash keeps about 2.5 plastic bottles out of a landfill.

I’m thinking this means I need to drink more Dr. Pepper so more leashes can be made, right? Right. *

You can check out eco-Lucks at Dublin Dog, including collars to match.

(*) Totally kidding. Everyone knows Dr. Pepper tastes best out of a can.

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  1. jen’s avatar

    I MUST HAVE THAT LEASH! It’s genius. I walk four dogs and those little additions like key ring and poo bag holder are just… awesome.

  2. Helen’s avatar

    I love the key ring. And now I have an excuse to drink more diet coke!

  3. Ashley’s avatar

    Great looking collar/leash set. I love that it’s made from recycled material.

  4. Pup Fan’s avatar

    So cute! And really cool that it’s made from recycled material.

  5. Krazy4Pets’s avatar

    Have you seen the Varsity? I like orange and of course the a detachable pouch! How many people carry a bag/purse while walking their dog? This detachable pouch is a must. I wondered how many waste bags can fit in there?? (It’s not that my dogs poop a lot LOL)

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