November 8, 2010Target Holiday Dinner Plate Toys

I moseyed into Target last Friday in search of tights. On my way up to the register (carrying an armful of stuff that, of course, included way more than just tights), I detoured by the pet section just to check things out and see if there was anything new and OH MY DOG THERE IT WAS, the dog Holiday Dinner Plate toy — which I had recently spied in magazines and on a couple blogs. I seriously gasped out loud when I saw it in person. An old man nearby looked askance at me. Whatever. I tucked it under my arm and made my ungainly way toward the checkout like the winner of the New York Marathon.

I mean, really. How awesome is this thing? You’ve got a plush squeaky turkey, corn on the cob, baked potato and roll, rope.. uhh.. green beans?… all served up on a Frisbee plate. Brillant. And only $9.99? Hello. Mine.

Yes, I did set up the photograph with silverware and a wine glass. Thank you for noticing.

And yes, I will chuckle heartily when I see Dottie walking around the house with that corncob in her mouth.

You can fetch the Holiday Dinner Plate (which also comes with squirrel instead of turkey) (update: also, lobster!) at Target stores all over.

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  1. weez’s avatar

    so cute ! i need to find this!

  2. Peaches’s avatar

    The corn! Ha ha ha ha!! Too bad Charlie doesn’t play with toys. This would be a must if he did.

  3. Ashley’s avatar

    I. Love. It. In a study (done by me because I’m a professional scientist) it was proven that Target has THE CUTEST STUFF EVER! I can’t leave there without at least one cart, if not two, full of stuff. Well now I know what Pru is getting for a Thanksgiving present.

  4. Kyra’s avatar


  5. phetched’s avatar

    The sad thing is, I haven’t let the dogs even touch it yet. I don’t want it ripped to shreds! :(

  6. Sam’s avatar

    No. Freaking. Way.

    That’s amazing! Annie and Pixie both need one, like, NOW.

  7. Lori @ According to Gus’s avatar

    Your blog is soooo dangerous. Now I must immediately leave and go buy this holiday dinner plate. I can already picture Gus whipping around the turkey by it’s rope legs. LOVE it!

  8. Kyra’s avatar

    OMG! I just got this at Target after seeing it on your blog, there are two other versions of it, one comes with a lobster instead of turkey and the other with some type of dead rodent. THANK YOU FOR SHARING!!

  9. Trude’s avatar

    LMAO so terribly cute! Love the photos. :) As cute as they are I’m hesitant to buy anything fluffy, as my dog + my brother’s dog = fluff all over the carpet within five minutes.

  10. phetched’s avatar

    Trude – same carnage will take place here as soon as I actually let the pups touch it. We resqueak and recycle around here, at least until a toy is past the point of no return :D

    Kyra – LOBSTAH?? Seriously??? They didn’t have that at our Target – just the turkey and the dead rodent, which I ascertained to be a squirrel? The dead rodent was a little too graphic (and possible), so I went with the turkey instead. :D

  11. Ruth’s avatar

    Love this!! Wonder if you can get them in Oz?

  12. Sarah McGraw’s avatar

    This has to be one of the cutest toys ever! Thanks for sharing! I’m heading to Target first thing in the morning to find one! :)

  13. Karen Tucker’s avatar

    I passed these in Target 2 days ago and had to do a double take! I agree hysterically adorable.

  14. Two Pitties in the City’s avatar

    I hadn’t seen this before. Must go to Target soon!

  15. Jen (Rogue Collars)’s avatar

    Omg this is adorable! I would be the same way… wouldn’t even want the dogs to touch it because it wouldn’t last 5 minutes. :P

  16. Bari’s avatar

    Thank you for this. I headed over to Target today with this my number one errand of the day. I was able to get the turkey dinner for one Golden and the road kill dinner for the other! Awesome!

  17. Kim’s avatar

    This is awesome!! I need to go to Target right away. Where’s the gray? ;-)

  18. Melissa’s avatar

    I am going to stop at Target tonight on my way home. Hmm, I will just tell the Hubby I need to do some Christmas shopping and sneak this in the house somehow…… :)

  19. Carrie’s avatar

    I saw this post and went to Target with every intention of picking this up… too bad they were sold out already! Things are going fast for the holidays…

  20. Eric’s avatar

    Any chance you know where to get one of these (or the lobster one) online? Can’t seem to find it anywhere.

  21. phetched’s avatar

    Word is they’re not available online, only in stores.

  22. Samantha’s avatar

    Yay!! So glad you got your paws on a set! Hope the pups enjoyed themselves! xo

    p.s. And thanks for the mention!

  23. erika’s avatar

    I freaked out when I saw it in the Food Network magazine and had the same freakout when I saw it in the store. It took a while for it to hit stores in my part of town, so I was overly ecstatic!

    And yes, for some reason they won’t be sold online, so cross your fingers next time you go!

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