October 21, 2010Barkworthy: The Grey Muzzle Organization

(Phetched’s Barkworthy series highlights organizations that help make the world a better place for dogs and their people.)

I’ve started to notice a few more white hairs on Ming’s muzzle lately, which makes my heart sting a little. I try not to think about his growing older, since he’s going to live to be 25, right? RIGHT? (Please allow me to enjoy my delusion when it comes to these matters. I BEG.)

The Grey Muzzle Organization is founded upon a seemingly simple premise: They “envision a world where no old dog dies alone and afraid.” With the alarming number of senior dogs that are dumped at shelters when their “families” no longer want to care for them, though, the Grey Muzzle Organization (based in Raleigh, NC) has a tough row to hoe.

As of June 30th, however, Grey Muzzle had donated more than $100,000 to shelters, sanctuaries, and rescue organizations around the country working to provide homes, care, and better lives for abandoned senior dogs. Their grants (funded by donations) provide medical assistance and beds for senior dogs at shelters, fund hospice care for non-adoptable senior dogs, and help to educate the public about the adoptability of senior dogs, especially by senior citizens.

We think the Grey Muzzle Organization is Barkworthy. You can read more about their work, and learn how to help, on their web site.

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  1. gingela5’s avatar

    This tugs at my heartstrings so much. I always feel so much for those senior dogs that are stuck at animal shelters. It makes me wish I had a big farm and could just adopt them all!

  2. Kate’s avatar

    This makes my heart hurt. I love to think of the senior doggies who benefit from this, and can’t stand to think of any dog being alone under any circumstances, ever.

  3. Kim’s avatar

    Oh Wow. I’ve never heard of this organization. How absolutely wonderful! Tugs at my heartstrings as well – actually, anything that involves animals does. I will definitely check out their website. Thank you!

  4. Pup Fan’s avatar

    Great post… thanks for sharing info about this!

  5. Leesia’s avatar

    What an amazing and unique cause. Thanks for sharing!

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