October 6, 2010Le Dogsac

This fall, LeSportsac has (finally) introduced a new line of pet carriers. If I actually have to explain in words to you how much I love LeSportsac, it’s possible that we can’t be friends anymore.

LeSportsac’s pet carrier features a zippered main closure and exterior pocket, a removable bottom panel, and its own 6-foot dog leash. Look for more colors and sizes coming in 2011.

My dogs don’t really need carriers — although carrying Dottie on a walk would probably be less physically taxing than actually walking her — so I might just have to settle for the (CUTE!!) dog bone toy instead.

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  1. Ashley’s avatar

    Mmm LeSportsac *drool* J’adore the heart print.

    I’m actually kind of glad that Pru isn’t small enough to be a purse dog because A. I’d be in so much debit from buying tons of bags to carry her around in. B. I’d most likely get into massive trouble trying to sneak her into places she wouldn’t be aloud in (coffee shops, movie theaters, college classes) and C. She’d probably get all chunky from me never walking her :D Besides all that I WANT A PURSE DOG SO I CAN BUY ONE OF THESE BAGS!

  2. phetched’s avatar

    I agree, Ashley – totally a good thing my dogs aren’t purse-sized. I already have a bit of a handbag problem. Do NOT need to be buying them for my animals, too. I’d completely run out of money and, ironically, become a bag lady. :D

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