September 7, 2010Do you… Bambu?

We’re getting ready to move to a new house in a few weeks, so I’ve got decorating ideas on the brain like crazy. Seriously, I’m seeing paint chips in my head when I close my eyes to sleep. And of course (as if I need an excuse) I’m shopping for new doggy stuff to complement our new decor.

I really like this raised Bambu feeder I spotted over on the Get Lick’d blog. It’s sleek, simple, holds two dishwasher-safe stainless bowls, and is made from that eco-friendly powerhouse, bamboo.

You can fetch the raised Bambu feeder at Muttropolis.

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  1. Krazy4Pets’s avatar

    oh wow… looks like this is well-built and the finish is lovely. Can I move with you so I can use the same excuse :P

  2. Ashley’s avatar

    I guess I need to move to have an excuse to buy new dog stuff because, gosh darn it, that sounds like fun!

  3. Ali’s avatar

    I really like this sleek look!

    I just recently bought a raised feeder for my large (just built big, not fat) black lab. I considered getting one for quite some time because my lab Zumaya tends to lay down when he eats, and the ground just seemed so far away for him if he stood and ate. So far I think it looks a lot more comfortable, but was just wondering if there is any proven reason to buy a raised feeder?

  4. phetched’s avatar

    Well, Ali, I’m not entirely sure. I’ve read things that say that eating from raised feeders can help reduce the risk of bloat – but then I’ve also read things that say raised feeders can encourage dogs to eat faster and thus increase the risk of bloat. So I guess it all sort of depends on your particular dog. Certainly it can help increase comfort for very tall dogs or aged dogs who might be uncomfortable bending down too far to eat. And then I’ve heard raised feeders can help keep long, floppy ears cleaner :D In our family, we have a splasher (*cough* Dottie *cough*) who can’t seem to keep from spilling water all over the ground, so having a raised feeder makes it easier for us to wipe up the excess water when she’s finished drinking. :D

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