August 9, 2010Painting the Personality: Dog Portraits by Gwen Fox

Painter Gwen Fox had earned recognition and accolades for her abstract impressionism before she ever decided to paint a dog. Grief-stricken at the loss of her heart dog, a German shepherd named Annie, she set about to paint Annie’s portrait. Finding the process both inspiring and healing, she began painting pups from the local humane society. The resulting shelter dog series is all at once beautiful and heartbreaking.

Says Fox on her blog:

I decided to do a portrait of this gorgeous spirit [Annie] and discovered I could translate the feeling within the dog. In other words, I painted its personality… I went to the local Humane Society and walked down long rows of lost souls. Some forgotten on purpose while others were sure their owners were coming any minute… Their faces tell it all — how could anyone not love these dogs? Doing this series has been a huge blessing. What have I learned? I have learned that dogs speak.  They are proud, they are scared, they are screaming for us to care. The young ones just look and say “let’s play”….. totally unaware of their circumstances.

Sorry for making you cry on a Monday at all.

Gwen lives in Colorado Springs, CO. You can check out more of her work on her website and blog.

(Thanks, Ann, for the find!)

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  1. Pup Fan’s avatar

    These are amazing portraits… and the story definitely got the tears going!

  2. Ashley’s avatar

    I’ll just be over here in my corner sniffling.

  3. Rebecca’s avatar

    umm, yeah. thanks. always love crying at my desk…. these are amazing. WOW amazing!

  4. alexa’s avatar

    Gwen’s work is amazing.

  5. ann’s avatar

    Rock on – I’m so glad they meant a lot to other people, too. I looove Gwen’s work; in addition to supporting the local humane society, she donates painting sessions to support the rescue I volunteer for, Safe Place for Pets. She is a talented woman with a great heart!

  6. gwen’s avatar

    What a surprise to find out you featured my work and story. Thank you so much.

    The Shelter Dog story is a happy one as it has raised awareness to those who have seen the site. Colorado Springs Humane Society has a fund raiser called the “Furr Ball” . A fancy occasion filled with people wearing beautiful evening gowns and men looking stunning in their tuxedos.

    The highlight of the evening is when the groomed dogs and cats walk the red carpet while their story is being told. Smiles, tears and laughter fill the room. It is their stories that stir the heart. Those are the lucky shelter animals as they are adopted that evening. Each going to a new, safe home.

    My contribution to the Furr Ball is a portrait of the winning bidders pet…… all the proceeds go to the Shelter.

    Again, thank your sharing my site and story.

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