July 14, 2010Biking with your Pup: Tour de Springer

Well, much to my surprise, even though the World Cup is over, there are other sports happenings going on in the world… there’s Lebron’s big decision, of course, and the British Open, and then that big bike race through France. (I’ll tell you, if I’m making a trip to the French Alps, you probably won’t find me sweating on a bike — I’ll be in a cafe with a glass of wine and some fondue or something.)

If you’re a biker, though, and you’d like to bike with your pup, maybe you should spring for a Springer. The Springer, developed in Norway in the late ’80s, is available in the US through Springer America. The Springer’s patented design keeps you and your dog safe on a joint bike ride, allowing you to stay balanced and keeping a leash from getting dangerously tangled. Norwegian brilliance, y’all.

Anyone used one? Whatcha think? Does it make riding a bike with a pup as easy as…. riding a bike?

Fetch one at Springer America. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee!

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  1. Dog Milk’s avatar

    Ha! Those dogs look so happy. My dogs always look horrified when I’m trying to make them exercise.

  2. Two Pitties in the City’s avatar

    That actually looks like a good idea. Whenever I see people biking with their dogs, I’m so terrified the dog is going to run in front of them, the leash will get tangled, they will pull the person of their bike… At least this looks safe!

  3. blanket’s avatar

    You’d have thought somebody would have had that idea before…it’s great, unless you’re overtaking another bike maybe?

  4. Tracksie and Tig’s avatar

    YES! We have a Springer and absolutely LOVE it!

  5. Catherine’s avatar

    I use a Springer with my dog almost daily on our bike rides together through our neighborhood! And yes, he does actually smile like those dogs in the pictures! As soon as I get out his harness he is jumping up and down because he knows he is about to go on a bike ride. I too get nervous when I see people riding their bikes while they hold the leash with their dog on it; looks dangerous!! I feel completely safe when using the Springer because I know my dog won’t be able to deter my bike in the wrong direction since the spring reduces the force of his tugs and pulls. My dog once got himself around a bush when we were on a bike ride, but the safety release freed him so he wasn’t hurt at all. It sure is pure Norwegian brilliance!! It is so easy to install and to use, and both you and your dog will absolutely love it!!

  6. phetched’s avatar

    Sweet! Thanks for the information, Catherine and Tracksie & Tig! My pups love exercising, so I really, really want to try one… guess I should get a bike, too, hmm? :D

    Thanks again for your comments!

  7. Erin’s avatar

    I am a perfect example of why not to ride your bike with your dog without one of these. I broke my collarbone after my dog trainer suggested I start riding my bike with my dog. He cut in front of me to chase after some birds and I landed in the middle of the road. I doubt I’ll be giving the whole bike/dog thing another go once I heal, but I wish I had this from the start and could have prevented my accident.

  8. phetched’s avatar

    Omigosh, Erin! Hope you recovered from your accident OK! I definitely wonder if my dogs would perhaps be too spastic to ride a bike with me… in Dottie’s case, at least, we’d definitely have to avoid the house a few blocks over where the black cat lives… the black cat who waits in her yard every morning simply, it seems, to drive Dottie CRAZY.

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