July 10, 2010Gifts from Across the Pond

Squeeeee!! Guess what we got in the mail??

There, amidst the bills and bank statements and Crate & Barrel catalogs (seriously, we get at least one a day), was a package with a really cool  postage stamp. Inside? A CHOO CHUM!!!

Those of you who read this blog regularly (all 17 of you…) know that I’ve wanted a Choo Chum for a while but couldn’t find them here in the States. Well, our pal Alison from Malton, North Yorkshire was kind enough to send us our very own Pink Vanilla Choo Chum. Alison is from Merry Dogs, Ltd., so you know she knows all about what’s up with our pup friends across the pond.

The toy smells glorious, like cookie batter, and Mingus was a fan.

Thanks, Alison!

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  1. Lynn’s avatar


  2. Cal Bailey’s avatar

    me too! couldn’t find them on that website either!

  3. phetched’s avatar

    Hey, Cal- You can find Choo Chums at the Spottie Dottie link at the top of the post! :D

  4. Kyra’s avatar

    That’s awesome!

  5. Kyra’s avatar

    Shipping is 15 euros at Spottie Dottie, yikes! My dog will have to wait.

  6. phetched’s avatar

    Yeah, the shipping rates do make it a bitttt unreasonable. :D

  7. Ashley’s avatar

    That. Is. Awesome! It must be so much fun having a dog toy wish granting guardian angel.

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