July 1, 2010Beachy Keen: Alopaw Treats

Y’all remember that movie Superbad? Well, that’s pretty much how badly I want to go to the beach right now: SUPER BAD. I figure if I’m going to be sweating and getting sunburned, I might as well be breathing the salty air and sitting in the sand with cold drink in my hand, right?

Checking out Alopaw treats isn’t helping either — these cute, handmade Hawaiian themed treats, with ingredients like pineapple, banana, and coconut, and names like Beach Bums, Hula Honeys, and Paradise Palms, make me want to hit the beach REALLY SUPER BAD.

Alopaw treats are more than just cute, though. The treats were originally created for Kona, a lab puppy born with a liver shunt, who has to adhere to a strict low-protein and low-phosphate diet. Alopaw treats thus contain no meat, no wheat, no corn, no gluten, and no dairy — but, instead, all human-grade, virtually allergy-free ingredients.

Plus I betcha they smell like the beach.

You can buy Alopaw treats on their website or in their Etsy shop.

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  1. shannon’s avatar

    Thank you so much for featuring our cookies! <3

  2. Christopher’s avatar

    How come human food can’t ever sound that good?… LOL

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