June 16, 2010Super Fun Marc Tetro Cut-Out Giveaway!

Y’all know Marc Tetro’s illustrations, right? Well, he’s recently introduced these awesome little 3D doggie cut-outs, and he sent us a handful of them to give away here on phetched! Awesome. Now you can have a little doggie on your desk, or on your bookshelf, or on your dashboard, or wherever you might need a miniature little doggie in your life.

The cut-outs stand about 5-6 inches tall, come flat-packed and are super easy to assemble. You can see them all here.

Oh, hai – how adorable is this little guy? Answer: very.

We’ll have 3 winners for this giveaway, with each winner receiving two different cut-outs (pug, black lab, dachshund, boxer, Boston terrier, schnauzer, and Westie).

There are two ways to enter the giveaway:

1- Comment on this post (and mention your cut-out preference/s,  if applicable).

2- Tweet the following: Hey, dog people! Win fun new Marc Tetro dog cut-outs from @phetched here: http://bit.ly/au19c1

You can enter up to two times (a comment and/or a tweet). The contest ends Sunday, June 20th, at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time, whereupon 3 winners will be randomly drawn! (I’ll try my best to meet the winners’ requests for particular dogs, but I can’t promise anything, ’cause I only have one of each.)

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  1. Lynn’s avatar

    Black Lab and Boston Terrier please! <3 your site!!!

  2. Rose in Ohio (@RoseMillsOhio)’s avatar

    Let’s see…..a pug for my dog lovin’ friend Marcia and a dachsund for my dog lovin’ friend Lynn. (My own rescued pup is uncategoriable with his mixed, glamorous, mysterious parentage….)

  3. wendy’s avatar

    These guys are adorable! I’m off to check out his website now. I can see these little dudes hanging out at our daycare. :)

  4. Ashley’s avatar

    Recently I’ve become obsessed with little cut out and assemble things. These are definitely more adorable than anything I’ve seen yet!

  5. Angela’s avatar

    Those are so cute! Shame there isn’t a German shepherd or chi lol If I happen to win I would like to get the boxer but its really no big deal.

  6. leesia’s avatar

    i LOVE marc tetro! these are absolutely adorable. i want, i want!! :p

  7. Angela’s avatar

    I’ve also tweeted this! :) silivrenwolf on twiter.

  8. Lynn’s avatar

    Luv, luv, luv these cut-outs!! Must have!!

  9. Jen’s avatar

    So cute!
    I’d like to have the dachshund and the schnauzer. :)
    Also tweeted @jenferjenfer

  10. blanket’s avatar

    Oh! the little legs, especially on the dachshund! These are so cute *love*

  11. Lisa Taron (The Pet Book Lady)’s avatar

    How creative!! I’d have to say pug and daschund for sure. I also tweeted this! @petbooklady

  12. SteveA’s avatar

    I feel certain I need that doxie cutout!

  13. louisebear2’s avatar

    Boston + Westie are my picks! SOOOO cute!

  14. Lauren’s avatar

    These are sooo adorable!! I would love the Boston Terrier and/or the Pug please!! I have a 9 month old Boston Terrier / French Bulldog puppy. And my best friend has a 14 yr old Pug. (Her parent’s call me his “girlfriend,” haha, since she is his ‘Mom.”)

  15. April’s avatar

    Definitely my faves would have to be the Boston Terrier and the Pug. We have two female BTs, Dolby & Darci. They are asleep on my lap right now and are the smartest and sweetest dogs EVAH! Go smoosy faces!!!

  16. Brandi’s avatar

    These are so adorable. I could totally use one at work and one in the car!

  17. Emilee Fuss’s avatar

    These are adorable! I’d love to win the Boston Terrier and black Lab. My handsome 90-pound lap dog, Buddy, is a black Lab, and my crazy doggy niece, Olivia Jane, is a Boston. It would be so perfect to have little cut-outs of them! :)

  18. Emilee Fuss’s avatar

    I tweeted (don’t know if that means I should comment again or not). twitter.com/emileefuss

  19. Nicolasa’s avatar

    How cute! I saw this on a tweet! I have a Boxer and the Boston Terrier is cute too!

  20. Jen’s avatar

    Oh these are just adorable!!! I have a Boxer, wish they had a Great Dane too… but if not, I love Bostons! :D

  21. Roxanna’s avatar

    These are just too cute! Although I have a super mutt and a hybrid, I think I Boxers and Westies are too cute! Thanks!

  22. Cynthia’s avatar

    I would love a dachshund one. I usually bring my older dachshund to school since she is a therapy dog and she is great with the kids. But .. next year I have a child with severe allergies, so now dog in the classroom anymore. It would be nice to have at least a model of a dachshund for my kids and me.

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