June 15, 2010Molly Mutt Clean (and Green)

True story: One night Dottie totally pooped her bed. Even truer story: It actually happened twice.

Seriously, though, dogs are dirty. Luckily our pals at Molly Mutt have developed a new line of products to help us control the dirt and stank. Molly Mutt Clean, which launched yesterday, features Wash (a fresh-smelling dog shampoo), Soft (a soothing and detangling conditioner), and Fresh (an odor-fighting dog-bed freshener).

Molly Mutt Clean products get their power from essential oils and natural enzymes rather than nasty chemicals and synthetic perfumes. (In fact, Wash and Soft are the only dog shampoo and conditioner that meet the standards of “natural” set by the Natural Products Association.) Plus, they’re made in the USA and come in recyclable bottles. Just further proof that when it comes to dog products, Molly Mutt knows what’s up.

Fetch Molly Mutt Clean at mollymutt.com.

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  1. gingela5’s avatar

    Oh that’s great! I definitely need the dog bed spray! The pups beds are getting a little ripe! :)

  2. Ashley’s avatar

    No way! I love the Molly Mutt company and had no idea they had a line of cleaning/shampoo products. This may have just made my afternoon.

  3. Ashley’s avatar

    Oh and while Prudence has never pooped in her bed, she has peed in it. And the kicker, her bed is also my bed. Love. It.

  4. Shauna (Fido & Wino)’s avatar

    I love Molly Mutt! I’ve never tried their cleaning products, but I have one of their duvet covers…

  5. Rebecca’s avatar

    OMG – Dottie pooped her bed… that just made me LOL! i do love our molly mutt duvet cover… if only Boone hadn’t decided he liked sleeping in OUR bed more. maybe i should try that bed freshener… for OUR duvet!

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