June 7, 2010Kookoo for Coconuts: CocoTherapy Treats

Picture this: young me (I was cute) at a church picnic, spying the dessert table from across the room, running with unbridled glee (while wiping drool) towards a what I think is a giant vanilla cake, then skidding to a stop in horror when I get close enough to realize it’s not vanilla, it’s… COCONUT. Bleaughh.

Coconut. Aside from an umbrella drink here and there, can’t stand the stuff. But apparently it’s, like, totally super healthy for both humans and dogs. Not coconut cake, of course… but 100% raw, virgin coconut oil. Apparently it’s a fatty acid, but the good kind, and in dogs, it’s been shown to help with weight loss, metabolism, energy, skin and coat, and digestion. It’s also a huge immune-system booster and is a natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-oxidant. Kind of makes me feel bad about being so anti-coconut as a kid.

Dehydrated coconut carries the same health benefits as the oil, making these 100% pure organic coconut chips from CocoTherapy something I’m definitely curious to try with my beasts. After reading about the health benefits of coconut for dogs, I’m totally on the coconut boat. And who knows? Maybe I’ll even try one myself.

You can fetch CocoTherapy Coconut Chips online at Fun Dog Fred (or check CocoTherapy’s site for stores).

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  1. Ashley’s avatar

    Hmm.. I’d be extremely curious to see if Prudence would actually eat one. She’s very picky about her treats. They definitely look yummy to me though :D I kind of like coconut.

  2. Jenn’s avatar

    My dogs absolutely LOVE these!!! They smell so very coconutty :)
    I would add that they are not as “chip like” as I perceived them to be in their advertising. It is more “flake like” – and some are very, very small flakes. I have small dogs so size wise they work fine for me, but people with larger dogs probably would not be happy using these as a treat but more as a food topper. All that being said, my dogs would protest if I didn’t have these for them!!!

  3. Shauna (Fido & Wino)’s avatar

    I’m anti-coconut too- blecht. My dogs tho… I make them down all kinds of things cuz they are good for them ;)

  4. phetched’s avatar

    Thanks for that info, Jenn! I was actually wondering about the size and how much a larger dog would have to eat to equal X amount of the raw oil. I’m definitely interested in trying some as a food topper, or maybe just getting some of the oil and seeing if the dogs will eat it straight up. :D

  5. Jenn’s avatar

    The oil is great too. Depending on your climate it came become a semi-solid instead of just a liquid but you can easily mix it in with their food (or let them eat it straight off the spoon). It also mixes well in your morning coffee is you are interested in trying it yourself. I also use it as a topical for any bites or scratches my dogs get. It works well to heal as a moisturizer and an anti-viral, anti-bacteria and anti-fungal. It also is safe if the dog licks it off the wound. Can’t wait to hear how it goes!!!!

  6. phetched’s avatar

    Wow – so all this talk about coconut oil being a “miracle oil” sounds totally legit! We have a natural foods store just down the street, and I’m going to see if they’ve got any of the raw oil on hand. I’ll probably have more luck getting the dogs to try it if it’s “disguised” first as a treat, though, so a bag of these treats might definitely be in order.

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