May 26, 2010Phodography: Project Dog

San Francisco photographer Kira Stackhouse (of Nuena Photography) loves photographing dogs – so much so that’s she’s taken on a daunting but impressive challenge: to photograph all 150+ dog AKC-recognized dog breeds for a book (with the working title Project DOG). Since Kira plans to photograph both purebred and rescue/mixed “versions” of each breed, that’s 300+ dogs total. That’s almost a dog a day. (Hey, Kira! You could call your book A Dog a Day. Great title, right? We’ll discuss royalty options.)

Considering Stackhouse’s touching, intimate style, Project DOG is sure to be anything but your average “breed book.”

Project DOG is currently on a nationwide search for dogs to photograph for inclusion in the book. For information on where Kira and her camera will be, and how to submit your dog for consideration, visit the Project DOG web site.

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  1. dylan’s avatar

    oh haiiiii, ridgeback. i love books like this.

  2. Ashley’s avatar

    I’m so buying a copy when it gets made.

  3. Bonnie’s avatar

    Kira came to my house for my two rescue dogs, Rupert (Plott Hound) and Olive (American Foxhound). She is so good with dogs. My two “kids” immediately felt so comfortable with her. Her photography is great. I can’t wait for this book to come out!

  4. phetched’s avatar

    Oooh… I love Plott Hounds!!

    Kira’s way with dogs definitely shows through her photography. I can’t wait to see the results of her project. :)

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