May 24, 2010And the Winners Are…

Yippee! It’s time to announce the winners of our Laughing Leash giveaway!

First, super big, sloppy thanks to Laughing My Tail Off for sponsoring this great giveaway. If you’re not one of our lucky winners, you can scurry on over there and order one of these great leashes right now.

And now… without further ado… another picture of Dottie modeling the leash, because she’s so cute.

(Winners after the photo)

For the extra small leash, our random-drawing winner is:

Caroline K – whose dog Luke causes a scene if he doesn’t get to go into the dog shop on his walks.

For the small/medium leashes, our random-drawing winners are:

gingela5 – whose dog Sadie hopes to explore the world beyond the neighborhood with the Laughing Leash, and

Anita – whose dog loves walks to the farmer’s market, where she scores lots of free treats.

Thanks again to all who entered, and especially to Laughing My Tail Off!

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  1. Peaches’s avatar

    Meh. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride. I’m happy for the winners, though!!

  2. gingela5’s avatar

    YAY! I actually couldn’t be more excited! really! I’m pumped! Thank you Phetched and Laughing My Tail Off!

  3. Ashley’s avatar

    Congratulations everyone!

    And Dottie is the cuteness.

  4. phetched’s avatar

    Isn’t she, though? ;)

    And Peaches, lucky for you, our next giveaway is going to be a stack of my old bridesmaid dresses! TEN winners!!! I kid, I kid… :D

  5. Sarah’s avatar

    On behalf of Laughing My Tail Off, thank you all for entering the giveaway and sharing your dogs’ favorite places to walk! And thank YOU so much, Katherine and Dottie at Phetched, for putting on a great giveaway. You’re awesome, Dottie IS the cuteness, and we love your website!

    Enjoy your Laughing Leashes everyone! And see the latest styles at See you soon! :-)

  6. Kate’s avatar

    Dottie is SO cute! I want to squish her ears.

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