May 6, 2010Roundup: Toy Bins

We’ve all got dog toys lying around, and we all need a place to store them, but giant bone-shaped toy boxes don’t necessary fit in with our decor.

Here’s a roundup of a few chic-er alternatives.

1/ vintage metal milk crate – sydg

2/ bamboo wastebasket – the container store

3/ bolmen lidded trash can – IKEA

4/ green leaf fabric bin – marylion

5/ roundabout dog toy storage chest – the premium pet

6/ dokument wastebasket – IKEA

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  1. Shauna (Fido & Wino)’s avatar

    Oooh- those are cool. I really need to get something for the toys @ my house. Right now I am using an old plush-ish dog carrier that was always too small. It is smooshed flat. And it’s red with checkers and it MATCHES NOTHING (Seriously. Here is a picture of Kayloo sitting on it:

    Told ya.

    Thanks for the ideas! :)

  2. Joanna’s avatar

    LOVE the image compilation!

  3. phetched’s avatar

    Why, thank you, Joanna! :D

    And Shauna – if you replace that GORGEOUS toy bag, whatever will poor little Kayloo sit on? :D

  4. Dog Milk’s avatar

    oooooooooooh I love #5. Right up my alley.

  5. shelley’s avatar

    I took an unfinished hinged crate from the local hobby store and stained and then silvered it for my small dogs toys. It is low enough that she can reach in and take out her own toys and matches the rest of my decor. I stained then fastened on letters so everyone knows whose toy box it is!

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