March 22, 2010Kong Does It Again: The Wobbler

Breaking news!! Historic achievement!! Sweeping revolution!!! American health care reform? No. The virtuosos over at Kong have introduced a new toy-slash-training tool called the Wobbler.

In fact, the Wobbler is apparently new enough that I was unable to find a decent image of it online. What I did find, though, is this rockin’ demo video, which, aside from inspiring some raging air guitar, shows exactly how the Wobbler works.

It looks like the Wobbler isn’t widely available yet — I only found it one or two places online — but I’m sure it’ll be on shelves everywhere real soon.

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  1. Samantha’s avatar

    That. Is. Awesome.

  2. Shauna (Fido & Wino)’s avatar

    I 2nd what Samantha said- really fantastic. My terrier is a smart little guy so I’m always looking for things to challenge him- I think this will be great!

  3. Rebecca’s avatar

    OMG. LOVE this. NEEEEED this. like now!

  4. leesia’s avatar

    this looks just like the nina ottosson one we bought a couple years ago…i hope it’s better because the opening was so tiny that it couldn’t keep the dogs’ interest, and WE couldn’t even get the treats out with our opposable thumbs (and we think we’re of average intelligence for a human)!!

  5. phetched’s avatar

    I was thinking this was a lot like the Ottosson pyramid toy, Leesia (and that Ottosson’s pyramid looked a lot like a Kong!). I didn’t realize that one has a weighed bottom too. Iiiiiinteresting. Looks like the hole in this one is big enough to let an average-sized kibble out. It’s interesting that it’s “one size fits all,” too — I’d love to see a little chi rolling this thing around. :D

  6. Ashley’s avatar

    Oh I so need this! Pru has her Canine Genius Mike skills down pat. Time to add something new to the mix and this doesn’t seem as easy as the regular Kong.

  7. bree’s avatar

    Ooooh my little boy would go crazy over this!

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