March 15, 2010Win It: Wegman Crypton Doodle Bed Giveaway

Happy Day After Pi Day, everybody! How shall we celebrate? How about… a giveaway? GREAT idea.

This week’s giveaway is sponsored by the nice folks over at DesignerDoggy. DesignerDoggy features some of the best dog products out there, from snazzy dog carriers to imaginative and interactive toys to this awesome dog bed shaped like a sports car. And our wonderful DesignerDoggy friends are giving away a Wegman Crypton Doodle bed to one lucky phetched reader! Huzzah!

The Doodle bed features a design by the famous William Wegman and is made of superpowered Crypton fabric, which, as you know, is stain-resistant, odor-resistant, and moisture-resistant… yet still machine-washable.

How can you win a Crypton Doodle bed for your pup? It’s easy:

1. Go here and select the size and color of bed you’d like to win.

2. Post that information in a comment below, being sure to leave your accurate email address in the comment form so you can be contacted if you win.

3. For an extra entry, become a fan of phetched on Facebook, and leave a separate comment below saying you’ve done so. If you’re already a fan, awesome! Just leave a comment letting us know.

4. For another extra entry, tweet a link to this here contest, and post a link to your tweet in a comment below. (You can get a link to a tweet by clicking on the tweet’s time stamp.)

5. Hold your breath and wait till Friday, March 19th at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time, when we’ll draw one random winner from all the entries. The winner will be announced right here on phetched on Saturday, March 20th.

Due to customs issues, this contest is only open to U.S. shipping addresses. Sorry! And please, only 1 entry per person, except as described above.

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  1. Brandi’s avatar

    Belle would just love a bed like this is the color pool medium size!!!

  2. wikith’s avatar

    Puzzle would love one of these in the koala medium!

  3. wikith’s avatar

    And I became a fan on facebook!

  4. leesia’s avatar

    great giveaway! i’ve always wanted to try these beds out — would love a medium in pool. :) (and i’m already a fan on FB!)

  5. Corley’s avatar

    Rocky’s begging for a Medium in pool!

  6. Corley’s avatar

    Oh and you’d better believe I’m a facebook fan!

  7. Jeanette’s avatar

    This is awesome, Midnight would love the medium size one in Gipsy.

  8. Jeanette’s avatar

    I just became a fan in facebook!

  9. Kim L.’s avatar

    Murphy would love the koala medium! xo

  10. Brittney’s avatar

    I love the pool medium bed! Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. Cherie’s avatar

    I’m a fan on Facebook and I would LOVE one of these beds in medium in pool! I’ve been wanting one foreeeeeever! :)

  12. Deb Mendez’s avatar

    My gang would love a medium in twig. :)

  13. Mireya’s avatar

    I’d choose the Twig in medium! Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. Deb Mendez’s avatar

    And I’m already a fan on FB.

  15. gingela5’s avatar

    Lexi and Sadie would love Twig in medium! : )

  16. Sarah’s avatar

    Tallulah & Sebastian would enjoy a medium in pool. Great giveaway – thanks!

  17. Sarah’s avatar

    I’m also a fan on Facebook! :)

  18. Roxi’s avatar

    Oh I need this, I need this. My achin back!!!
    Koala, medium (i like to stretch out)

  19. Kim’s avatar

    Sasha is craving a medium in persimmon!

  20. Ryan’s avatar

    Twig Medium should work for all three of my dogs!

  21. beth’s avatar

    kermit in the medium size! my dogs would love it, and it would be nice to get the couch back to myself.

  22. debbie’s avatar

    I’ve been looking at these for months!!! Medium persimmon, please! (and I’m already a facebook fan)

  23. IggyGirl’s avatar

    Pippin thinks the Pool color in the small size would be awesome! So much so in fact, that he tweeted about it.

  24. Helen’s avatar

    Rosie would be chic on a medium twig :)

  25. Jim’s avatar

    Kalie Sue’s slender greyhound body would rest well upon a medium Wegman Crypton Doodle Bed in the Koala design.

  26. Jim’s avatar

    I’m a phetched facebook fan

  27. Giorgio’s avatar

    Ooo! Oooo! Would my fluffy friends and I love a bed Pool in size small.

  28. Giorgio’s avatar

    And my HuMom, AuntChristine, if a Facebook Fan now too!

  29. Giorgio’s avatar

    Here’s our Tweet: We are in it to win it! Win It: Wegman Crypton Doodle Bed Giveaway | Phetched

  30. Ashley’s avatar

    Pru would love the persimmon in a medium (she loves to have room).

  31. Ashley’s avatar

    Already a fan of phetched on facebook :D

  32. Calli’s avatar

    Ooh! Neely and I would love a medium gipsy bed.

  33. Calli’s avatar

    AND I’m a facebook fan already!

  34. Melanie’s avatar

    We’d love the medium size in the color Twig! :)

  35. Melanie’s avatar

    I’m a Facebook fan!

  36. Cynthia Gilliland’s avatar

    I have a new puppy who would look very cute on Twig and will need a size Medium when he grows.

    I am already a phetched fb fan!

  37. AliciaS’s avatar

    I love the Medium bed in Twig, these are ADORABLE!!

  38. AliciaS’s avatar

    AND I am a Facebook fan!

  39. Chris’s avatar

    Luna thinks a Medium Persimmon bed would be swell.

    And I’m a FB fan 4 evah!

  40. melissa i’s avatar

    Medium Persimmon, please!!!!

  41. melissa i’s avatar

    And, I am a facebook fan – was referred by Leesia Teh!

  42. Erin’s avatar

    We’d love to win the Medium Gipsy bed!! So Cute!!

  43. Erin’s avatar

    And I am now a fan on FB

  44. Debbie M.’s avatar

    Willow would love the medium Twig bed. So cute!

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