March 9, 2010I Scream, You Scream for UGroom

Let me tell you something about living in North Carolina. Last Tuesday, we got six inches of snow. Monday it was in the mid-60s. Our backyard right now? Pretty much a giant mud pit à la Woodstock ’94. Every trip out for the pups culminates with a laborious paw-wiping debacle. It’s enjoyable, let me tell you.

As much as I love our old-bath-towel-caked-with-mud routine, I’m wondering if something like these UGroom pet drying gloves would work better. They’re made of super-absorbent microfiber, can be rinsed clean with warm water, and are fast-drying.

‘Cause otherwise I’m ordering some wellies for the pups before April showers set in.

Has anyone out there tried these? Are they the answer to my prayers?

UGroom’s drying gloves are only $9.99 (but sold out!) at PupLife, but I also found them over at Doggie Depot.

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  1. Amanda Wright’s avatar

    We live in NC too! We fenced in part of our yard for the dogs and spread pine straw over the whole thing. It’s cheap, looks nice, and works *great* for keeping the mud off of their paws.

  2. Alex’s avatar

    I have not tried this product, but with 2 resident hounds and 1 foster, my Paw Plunger:
    is getting a work out this spring :)

  3. Alexa’s avatar

    They look nice to me! I would need these too, (we have a ton of mud right now!) but, our pups are mostly outdoors!

  4. phetched’s avatar

    Amanda – I seriously thought of pine straw today as I was in the yard watching the dogs get dirtier and dirtier. I definitely may have to look into that.

    Alex – I’ve seen the Paw Plunger! I’ve come close to purchasing it again and again. Glad to get a thumbs-up from someone that it works. It’s sad when I miss the days that North Carolina was in a 100-year drought…

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