March 8, 2010Nootie: Smells Like… Dog?

The folks over at Nootie have a simple slogan: “Why not?” Why, they ask, do we bathe our dogs with fancy shampoos and grooming products only to have them smell like, well, dogs?

To answer this question, Nootie offers a line of shampoos and spritzers for pups featuring fragrances we actually use ourselves — like Japanese cherry blossom and cucumber melon. (Mingus, by the way, is totally an Old Spice guy. Or might he *gasp!* be one of those dudes who bathe themselves in Drakkar Noir? *shudder*)

Nootie’s grooming products are soap- and cruelty-free, and their bottles are somethin’ special, too — and not just ’cause of those wicked cute little doggie drawings on them. The top of the bottle dispenses shampoo, while a smaller bottle of spritz (in the same scent) fits neatly into the bottom — for when your pup needs just a little freshening up or has a hot date at the dog park.

Check out Nootie’s shampoos and spritzers here, and find them at a store near you.

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  1. gingela5’s avatar

    Thank goodness for this stuff…I may need to get some STAT! My dogs are little stinkers and the packaging is too adorable!

  2. Ashley’s avatar

    Well now every time I see that hilarious Old Spice commercial (“I’m on a horse!”) I’m going to see Mingus. A spoof needs to be done, asap.

    Prudence is definitely of the old school Gap Grass persuasion. I think Nootie’s Cucumber Melon would fit her personality well.

  3. phetched’s avatar

    Omigosh, Ashley, can I just say that Gap Grass is seriously my all-time favorite scent? I LOVED that stuff. I even — and this is a little weird — still have an old empty bottle of it from like 10 years ago just ’cause I just can’t bring myself to part with it. LOVE that stuff.

    Dottie’s paws always smell like grass — ’cause she’s always got grass stains on her pretty white paws from runnin’ around like a maniac outside. :D

  4. Cherie’s avatar

    You do know that the GAP outlets (at least the ones around me) still sell Grass!

    And it’s not the old stuff, it’s new, but still smells the same. Its my all time fave too!

  5. phetched’s avatar

    HOLD. THE. PHONE. Are you for serious??? OK, I’m hittin’ up a Gap outlet this weekend. And if I can’t find it, I’m SO sending you some cash for you to ship some to me. This is seriously the best news I’ve heard all week. But just think of all the YEARS that I’ve lost without my beloved Grass… *single tear*

  6. Cherie’s avatar

    Dead serious, girl. I got 3 bottles last time I went. They have it in perfume, body spray & lotion. I think the small travel size in the metal spray bottle, too. They also have OM, Heaven & Dream.

    If you can’t find it, def let me know, and I’ll grab you some! :)

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