March 1, 2010Some Dogs Have All the Luck

I always hear that rescue dogs know how lucky they are to have escaped the shelter and find a forever home and show their gratitude each and every day to their adopters.

Well, I’ve got two rescue dogs, and they strut around here like they own the place. Currently, as I type, Mingus is sleeping stretched out on the couch like a contortionist such that he’s taking up almost every inch of its surface (he’s only a 37-pound dog), and Dottie’s staring and making groany noises ’cause we’re within an hour window of her scheduled feeding time. Lucky dogs.

Maybe I should get them a lucky charm collar tag from Mascot to help remind them of their humble beginnings?

The cast brass collar charms come in the shape of wishbones, horseshoes, and four-leaf clovers (but, sadly, no pink hearts, yellow moons, or blue diamonds).

Fetch them at Mascot.

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  1. Sarah’s avatar

    Ha ha ha!!! I can see the pups now, staring at you from the couch like, “MOM ALWAYS HAS TO WORK…so we can have all the goodies she finds! YAY MOM!”

  2. Sarah’s avatar

    PS: How come every time I comment I get the cyclops spider as my avatar thingy?

  3. Kristy’s avatar

    Those are really adorable. And not in the tacky, I just have a dog so that I can accessorize it sort of way. Although, full disclouse: reason #47 why I want a dog.

  4. Ashley’s avatar

    Having a dog to accessorize is the funnest, Kristy :) Prudence is the perfect pooch when it comes to wearing things. She’s like a child who never learns the complain skill.

    I would very much like to get something like those Mascot tags, but I just know that something not so lucky would probably happen to me just because I got a lucky tag. The universe likes to make a fool out of me.

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