February 27, 2010Use Your Words

Illustrator Lili Chin sketched this awesome little graphic tutorial in interpreting the meaning of our dogs’ body language. That “cute harmless puppy” face? Dottie could teach a class in that.

View it bigger (and download it!) at Lili’s flickr.

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  1. abby’s avatar

    brilliant! i love it!

  2. Karen Friesecke’s avatar

    now isn’t that just super cute! i think that these illustrations are a great way to teach kids about dog behavior!

  3. Ashley’s avatar

    Adorable! Lili Chin’s drawings are the absolute cutest. I’ve been saving up some money to get Pru’s portrait done. I can’t wait!!

    I really like Karen’s thought. These would be a really good tool in teaching kids dog behavior. I have run into a few kids who, most importantly didn’t ask before petting my pup, but continued to bother her even though she was in her “I’m so very scared right now” pose with me saying, “okay kiddies.. move along now.”

  4. phetched’s avatar

    I totally agree, Karen and Ashley! Mingus is really scared around kids, and despite his all-too-clear (at least to me) body language, I always have to step in and explain that he’s shy and scared — and steer the kids toward Dottie, who’s meanwhile wiggling and dancing with pure glee and would take all the kids home with her if she could. While Mingus has never bitten, imagine how many dog bites could be avoided if kids (and adults too!) were better at observing and interpreting canine body language.

    And yeah – I’m saving up for a Lili Chin drawing too :D

  5. Anne’s avatar

    I love this! it’s absolutely adorable and SO accurate – we have a Boston too and she really nailed it!

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