January 25, 2010H2O4K9 Water Bottles: AGR8IDEA

If you’re one of those people with a clever license plate (“MDLFNGR”), I’m one of those people chuckling mildly behind you at a stoplight. Even the hokiest license-plate wordplay can make me laugh, which is why I love the name of the company that makes these cool stainless-steel dog water bottles: H2O4K9.


These nifty bottles are easily portable (with a carabiner for attachment to a belt loop or backpack) and are made from 18/8 food grade stainless steel and toxin-free polypropylene. The removable cap becomes a bowl for your pup (if your dog, like both of mine, has never mastered the art of drinking from your hand).

Fetch them at H2O4K9.com.


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  1. Brandi’s avatar

    OMGoodness! Have to have one!

  2. Brandi’s avatar

    It’s on it’s way! Im so excited! Thanks again for the wonderful product intros. Phetched!!!

  3. phetched’s avatar

    Awesome!! :D I just might have to get one of these too. We have these really cruddy plastic dog water bottles and they drive me crazy.

  4. Ashley’s avatar

    Cool!! Pru definitely needs one. Now I can have my Sig bottle back to myself and not have to carry the Cool Whip bowl around.

  5. Bryce Lien’s avatar

    Hi Katherine, Mingus & Dottie!
    Very glad to hear that you like the H2O4K9 dog water bottle! I see your readers share the same experiences that we do here at H2O4K9…cheap plastic water bottles that break the first time you drop it…hauling around a Cool Whip bowl and a jug of water…sharing your own water from your Sig bottle…any dog lover has been through all of these experiences and then some. That is why we designed the H2O4K9 bottle…we have dogs of our own and got frustrated with the limited options that were on the market. We field-tested the H2O4K9 bottle on every size dog to get the perfect slurp trough for big dogs and a little bowl for small dogs (you need to hold the lid upright for the little ones as they like to drink out of it that way).
    We also found out from talking to hundreds of dog lovers that they also needed a hands-free way to carry their H2O4K9 bottle and we’ve taken their advice and created the soon-to-be-released NeoSling. This very soft neoprene sling is like wearing the most comfortable purse, but it’s small and can easily carry the H2O4K9 bottle (or any water bottle for us thirsty humans). Like the H2O4K9 bottle, the NeoSling is stylish and can be worn by both men and women. Please keep an eye out for the NeoSling as it will be on the market this Spring.

    We always appreciate honest feedback from the dog-loving community and will do everything we can to meet the needs of Mingus, Dottie, Pru, Ryder (the H2O4K9 spokesdog) and all our furry friends.

    Bryce Lien, President

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