January 18, 2010Woot! Dog Bone Soap Giveaway

Update: This contest is now closed.

Happy Monday, y’all! Yeah, yeah… easy for me to say, not having to go to work today and all. Maybe you’re struggling a little this morning after getting a little too rowdy at a Golden Globes party last night — or attempting to drown your sorrows after Avatar won Best Picture.

Chin up, pups — it’s time for phetched’s first giveaway of 2010!

Etsy’s 2 Virgos Designs, which sells premium handmade soaps and bath and beauty products, is helping us give away sets of these super cute bone-shaped guest soaps to three lucky readers!


These shimmery, sparkly handcrafted glycerine soaps (for humans, not dogs) are lightly scented with hints of frankincense, neroli, amber, and orange blossom. They’re made from natural soap base and leave your hands soft and smooth. And hel-LO… they’re shaped like little dog bones. SO cute.

These soaps come from 2 Virgos’ Primo’s Pawtourage line of dog-themed products (including 3D dog-shaped soaps!). Artisan Jackie Sample uses the proceeds from this line to fund healthcare and other needs for her Maltese, Blossom, a seven-year-old puppymill rescue.

To enter to win a set of 3 dog-bone soaps, just comment below with your name and email (which will not be published publicly). Three random winners will be chosen and announced Wednesday, January 20 at 10:00 p.m. Eastern time.

(U.S. and Canadian shipping addresses only, please. Postage is expensive, y’all.)

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  1. Becky Chatelain’s avatar

    These are so cute !

  2. Eleanor Ogbin’s avatar

    I’ve tried Jackie’s soaps and I absolutely love them.

  3. Brandi’s avatar

    How adorable! It’s wonderful that she makes things to help her pup!!! Blossom is a very lucky girl!

  4. Christina Eckhart’s avatar

    I have also tried Jackie’s soaps and they are wonderful! I am proud to support a fellow puppymill rescue mom. Go Jackie!

  5. BETH BRIDGER’s avatar

    Perfect for my dog-themed guest bath ^..^

  6. Mary Stickney’s avatar

    We have tried her dog soap for the dogs and its very good. Leaves a fresh out mill dog smelling clean for the first time in their life

  7. keg’s avatar

    They also look like two tiny butts joined by a spine. Perfect for the bath.

  8. Joan’s avatar

    Ohh too cute, I NEED them…..

  9. Marilyn’s avatar

    Jackie has done wonders with her little Blossom. Glad to support a fellow owner of a rescue dog. And I here her products are awesome also. Would love to try them.

  10. helen’s avatar

    Those are too cute!

  11. Denise Hunter’s avatar

    LOVE Jackie’s soaps!!!

  12. JUDY’s avatar

    I love Jackies soaps and she has done a great job with Blosom. I hope that I win. THANKS.:)


  13. Lori Lengen’s avatar

    Love the dog bones. Would make a great addition to the beautiful Maltese soaps from Jackie.

  14. Carol’s avatar

    These soaps are adorable!!

  15. Lauren Egier’s avatar

    Wow, these are awesome! I would love to share my home with these dog bones.
    Our Bull Terrier, Tazz, walks around the house showing everyone his rawhide bone. If you don’t tell him that he has a nice bone, he starts to cry.

  16. Cynthia Gilliland’s avatar

    nice product- hope I win!

  17. Cynthia Gilliland’s avatar

    nice product!

  18. Kate Wickers’s avatar

    Very cute idea!

  19. Ashley Bickford’s avatar

    So. Cute. I bet they smell wonderfully.

  20. Wendy’s avatar

    I would love to try the cute bone shape soap!!! They might be too cute to actually use though. :)

    Hey, what’s wrong with Avatar??? I loved it!

  21. Audrey’s avatar

    Jackie’s soap is amazing! These are just too cutel

  22. Erin’s avatar

    These are adorable!

  23. JUDY’s avatar

    Jackie’s soaps are the best and they go to help good causes.

    Ju-Dee MALTESE

  24. Sarah’s avatar

    I would so love these in my powder room! I actually have a really cute soap dish that I’ve been wanting to use, but all the guest soaps I’ve found are just like boring seashells.

  25. Brandy Tinsley’s avatar

    Love the idea! If I don’t win I still plan on getting some. I’m a supporter of a great cause!
    It also rocks to know I’m not the only one who use dog boned shaped soap!

  26. rebecca’s avatar

    ADORABLE! you know they would look super presh in my hall bath! :D

  27. Kana’s avatar

    So adorable and for a great cause! Fab idea!

  28. Sylvia’s avatar

    Super cute!

  29. Kelli’s avatar

    Precious – very cute!

  30. reva skie’s avatar

    These sound like they will smell fantastic. Thanks for the chance.

  31. JUDY’s avatar

    Jackies’ is a very nice person, her soapa are wonderful and she has loved and given Blossom the best forever home. Thanks Jackie Hon.

    Ju-Dee MALTESE

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