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The vet/client relationship is an interesting one: we trust our vets with the health of our beloved pets, inviting them to participate intimately in our lives and in some of the most difficult and painful decisions we have to make — yet, at the same time, we often see them as merely providing a service, like the guy who changes the oil in our car, perhaps grumbling and complaining about their charges or policies.

We expect a lot of veterinarians, and we easily forget that 1) they’re human and 2) they love dogs, too.

Pawcurious, a hilarious and touching blog written by San Diego’s Dr. Jessica V, chronicles the daily adventures and struggles of a practicing small-animal vet — from the teeth-gritting to the the tear-jerking to the LOL-inducing. Dr. V brings humor, perspective, honesty, and human-ness to topics such as difficult clients, tough medical decisions, hilarious office adventures, her personal loss of a beloved pet, and the joys of raising a puppy. (I almost put “joys” in quotation marks there.)

Dr. V’s candid and personal revelations will delight you, move you, and perhaps cause you to reflect on the relationship you share with your own vet. Go ahead and give it a look.

(And yes, that’s Pet Doctor Barbie you see in that photo.)


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  1. Annette Frey’s avatar

    One of the best blogs ever! So clever, educational and enlightening. We love Dr. V!

  2. Amy’s avatar

    A fantastic Blog, interresting , Informative and ditto we love Dr V and her band of furry friends

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