October 5, 2009Phodography: Leesia Teh

I firmly believe that our pets are family members too and deserve lasting, timeless images that capture who they are as we really know them. Why shouldn’t we have portraits of our beloved dogs and cats on our mantles, desks, or walls right alongside the humans who have infused our lives with joy and love?

– Leesia Teh

Some things to know about Atlanta-based pet photographer Leesia Teh:

1. She has a pretty name.

2. She and her husband live with two adorable rescue mutts, Becks and Sienna.

3. She donates her time and talents to local animal welfare and rescue organizations.

4. She takes stunning, wonderfully heartwarming photos of dogs.






(More photos after the jump)

You can check out more of Leesia’s awesome portfolio on her web site and keep up with her current work via her blog.

Be sure to take a look at her amazing, heart-melting series featuring the animals of Atlanta Pet Rescue (on her site, under Personal Work – Adopted).




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  1. johnwaire | photo’s avatar

    hands down….1 of my favorite pet photogs on the planet!

  2. Amanda Carlson’s avatar

    Leesia’s work is amazing!

  3. ann’s avatar

    Great photos – brightened my day. Thanks!

  4. Joshua’s avatar

    Wow, these pictures are awesome! I love the last image where you can see the dog’s reflection in the counter! And who knew that dogs could hover?!?

  5. Avery’s avatar

    I am absolutely smitten with these.

  6. Rachel’s avatar

    incredible! the last one is hands down my favorite

  7. phillip’s avatar

    thanks for posting these. i love finding new things to love

  8. Rebecca’s avatar

    i LOVE her! her generous spirit and big heart is clearly evident in her amazing photos. think we could get her to come to NC for portraits!?

  9. melissa i’s avatar

    Leesia took photographs of our 3 dogs and our cat last November. She is such an awesome photographer and an amazing person!

  10. abby’s avatar

    wow! i love her work!

  11. Ronnie’s avatar

    I LOVE Leesia’s work! Only recently became aware of it. Would love to have my two fur babies photographed by her … I’m working on it! It’s so great that she donates her time and talent to pet charities, too. :-)

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