August 5, 2009Awesome New Stuff from Lupine®… and an Unbelievably Awesome Giveaway! (FIVE WINNERS!)

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed.

You know how much we love Lupine® collars and leads, right? So we’re super excited about Lupine’s new pattern for August, Woofstock! Woofstock is a 1″ pattern, and Lupine designed and named it with input from their Facebook fans. Pretty cool, right? It’s just in time for Woodstock’s 40th anniversary and a perfect complement to July’s Peace Pup.



I’m also stoked about a couple other new products Lupine is offering, tagCLIP and Tag Silencers. Tag Silencers help muffle the sound of your dog’s jingly-jangly bling (although I, personally, use that sound as a way to monitor the trouble my pups are getting into, like a little doggy trouble alarm), while tagCLIP makes it easy to switch out your pup’s collar without wrecking your nails or your patience trying to switch over the tags.


Find out more about Woofstock, tagCLIPs and Tag Silencers on Lupine’s site (What’s New).

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And now, dear readers, I’m beyond excited to announce to you THE AWESOMEST LUPINE GIVEAWAY IN HISTORY (well, at least in phetched’s history). Lupine is giving away collar and lead sets to FIVE lucky readers!! What?? Even if math’s not your thing, you know thems are pretty good odds.

Want a chance to win a Lupine matching collar and lead set of your choosing? Here’s how:

1. Go to Lupine’s site and pick out the pattern and size you’d like to win.

2. Come back here and post a comment below telling us your pattern choice and why that’s your pick. (Be sure to leave your correct email when you post. It won’t be published publicly, but it’s how we’ll get in touch with you if you win.) Don’t forget Lupine carries Martingale/combo style collars, too, in 3/4″ and 1″ sizes!

3. Cross your fingers until Sunday, August 9th, 10:00 p.m. Eastern time. That’s when the contest will close and we’ll draw FIVE lucky winners using Winners will be posted by Monday morning.

(4. Crossing your fingers not enough? For extra chances to win, Tweet or blog about this giveaway, and post a link to your tweet or blog in a separate comment field below. Your tweet needs to contain a link to this page and a mention of @phetched. Note: If your post doesn’t show up right away, don’t worry — sometimes links trigger the spam blocker, and you have to just wait a bit for your post to be approved.)

U.S. shipping addresses only, please, and one entry per person (except as covered by #4 above).

Good luck, everyone! And thanks to Lupine for this redonkulously sweet giveaway!

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  1. Betty’s avatar

    Yeah! I was glad to see they have the combo collar (martingale type) cause that’s the only kind my dog can wear. Here’s my fav: 3/4″ Combo collar in Silverado or Vintage. Thanks!! Like those tag silencers too. great idea.

  2. lindsey’s avatar

    my favorite is the 3/4″ adjustable collar in dapper dog – blue/yellow is my favorite color combination & i love its preppiness!

  3. Laura Kelly’s avatar

    I’d love to get the 1″ Woofstock adjustable collar for one of my boys! It’s the 40th anniversary of Woodstock this year and that would be a great way to celebrate one of the coolest concerts/festivals ever. We have one of Lupine’s 6′ leads and just love it!

  4. Brannon’s avatar

    Love, love, LOVE the 3/4″ combo collar (gotta have that Martingale with my greyhound!) in Dapper Dog (can you ever go wrong with argyle?). It would compliment my Casey’s coloring just beautifully – plus, I run my own dog-centric business and it’s important that my pup looks really spiffy. He is, after all, my spokeshound! Anyway, everything about this collar/lead is a perfect fit for us. Time to start spreading the word!

  5. Dianne’s avatar

    Ooooo, Superstar in medium, any of my dogs are superstars – really, they are.

  6. Samantha & Paddy’s avatar

    Oh my gosh- love the “Just Ducky” 1/2″ collar. It is too cute and I think perfectly suits Paddy’s kind of spunky personality. Definitely have not seen anything like it before! We’d be the talk of the dog park, hehe :)

    Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

  7. els’s avatar

    My 80 lb. yellow lab mud puppy would love to strut around the neighborhood with the 1″ adjustable 16-28″ mud puppy pattern collar and lead. Love these collars and leads! Thanks for putting on the contest :)

  8. Bernadette Uzcategui’s avatar

    What a great giveaway! My sweet little peanut would look smashing in the ‘cherry blossoms’ collar in the 8″-12″ size!

  9. Helen’s avatar

    Rosie would be awesome in a 1″ plum blossom collar and leash!

  10. Alicia’s avatar

    I love the 1/2″ Roman Style harness in Watermelon! Both of my girls could fit this and it is the only collar we use when walking with them… not to mention that the Watermelon pattern reminds me of Summer and they have loved going on walks during the warm weather!!

  11. Scout’s avatar

    I would love to wear the Camo Chic design! And yes, I’m a dog :) Thanks for the great giveaway!

  12. Roxi’s avatar

    ohhhhhhh, me, me, me, me, i NEED the 1/2″ Wing It Roman-Style Harness !!!!! And for the obvious reason, I would look ADOGABLE in it.

  13. Molly’s avatar

    Riley says he wants a new collar. He’s getting tired of the old one. The new puppy is hanging off it all the time. Won’t let him be. Ever. Because it’s orange? Maybe it’s too easy for her to see? Ah ha! If he had a Medium 1″ “Bone Hunter” Collar (and matching leash, for the sake of style), perhaps he would be able to hide from her! If he wore such a camo collar, she couldn’t find him to torture him! Now you see Riley, now you don’t! Ha ha Reva! Fooled you! A dog can dream, can’t he?

  14. Allison (Dog Mom)’s avatar

    Ooh! I’d love the 1″ adjustable in Bling Bonz. Awesome giveaway!

  15. Stacie V.’s avatar

    I love Luipne!!

    Raven would really like the Susie Q, 3/4″ adjustable, 12-20 inch collar and lead set because she would look awesome in it. Oh course then Riley would be jealous and I would have to get her a new set too. ;) Right now the girls are sporting Flower Power (Riley) and Raven is wearing a purple Daisy pattern that they don’t have listed right now.

  16. WorkThatDog’s avatar

    I love the 1″ martingale combo in a 15-22″ with the woodstock pattern! that is adorable!

  17. Ashley N’s avatar

    Our rescue boxer/greyhound mix would totally rock the Woofstock pattern in 1″. He is the calmest dog ever, so peaceful, so this would be so peaceful for him! Awesome contest. Have a blessed day!

  18. Melissa Moore’s avatar

    I love lupine!

    I am really liking the new Woofstock – Austin would wear there the 12-20 inch.

    I am consistently happy with your products! I have returned numerous cat and dog collars over the years once the animals have completely demolished them (which isn’t easy, btw) and have always had prompt customer service and new products returned! The collars and leashes are high quality and do last for years! (if not destroyed by the small furry ones :)

    Currently, my kitties have all different collars on, and Austin is wearing Wave Hound! We’re Lupine customers for life!

  19. Maryann’s avatar

    Mud Puppy combo in 16-28 for by pittie pup Rulon..he’s always making a mess :)

  20. cindy salo’s avatar

    i love the plum blossum pattern i think the harnus in that pattern would look great on my white alaskan huskies and i think the girls ( my dogs opal & pearl would love them

  21. Christina’s avatar

    I would really love to win the 1″ Flower Power Adjustable Collar and Lead for my One year old black lab pup, Maddy. I am saving for expensive surgery for her and she can use a new collar. I picked the flower power because I really want something girly for her so people stop mistaking her for a boy. LOL

  22. Vicki Y’s avatar

    The 3/4″ collar in Dapper Dog, not for Morgan though! Furry Friends Rescue needs more collars. :) I’m sure he’ll be happy to give it away if we win.

  23. Carrie’s avatar

    We love the 1″ Flower Power collar! Candi just had her studio picture made in it and it looked great!

  24. Jess H’s avatar

    My black lab mix Bruno loves wearing lupine collars and leashes! He has quite a few! I really do like the new Woofstock 1″ adjustable collar and 6 foot leash! Maybe it will bring him peace and calm him down a little bit. Ha ha. I can wish!

  25. Adrienne Saia’s avatar

    I agree with the doggy alarm call on the dog tags. I always get weirded out when her collar’s off and I can’t hear her.

    Anyway, I tweeted!!

    Juno and I would like a 16″-28″ 1″ collar and 6 ft nylon 1″ leash in the Woofstock pattern. Reason to follow in next comment post!! :)

  26. Angel Brewer’s avatar

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Brooke Trout retired pattern for my male yellow lab….perfect for our trips to camp and he would look so handsome…..also love Meadow for my female Chocolate…..thanks for the AWESOME collars and leads. Even when my puppy chewed through her brothers….twice….I knew I could count on Lupine!

    OOPS! 1″ in Meadow and Brooke Trout are my faves! i have a handsome Male Yellow Lab and a sweet Female Chocolate! Love Lupine!

  27. LBiv’s avatar

    I’d love the 1″Bling Bones combo collar in size 19-27″ with a 4′ leash. My Wiley thinks he is something of a pirate (ARGGGGH), and his trout collar just doesn’t let him portray his true image. He’d love to have his own parrot also, if you need giveaway ideas. :)

  28. Elizabeth Hannah’s avatar

    I would really love to win. I am anxiously awaiting for my order that I just placed. However, I do need to order one more collar and lead. But first I will wait to see if my name is picked. I adopted a foster who is 10 years old and he would look great in 1/2 inch Dapper dog 10-16 inch collar and the lead 4′. He came to me, very matted and had spent his life at a Puppy Mill. After a Great Grooming, he looked and felt so much better. I now have 4 dogs and they are the best furry family that I have.

  29. Adrienne Saia’s avatar

    Juno and I would like a 16″-28″ 1″ collar and 6 ft nylon 1″ leash in the Woofstock pattern. :) This year’s not only the 40th anniversary, but my parents were cool enough to introduce me to the music from that era. Also, I wanna change the pit bull image a little… right now Juno has the bling bones leash w the paws and crossbones, and how cute would a PEACE-LOVING combo look on a pittie?!? It totally describes her laid-back personality. Love it!!

    And my only beef with Lupine is that the leash never breaks – I need a reason to buy more!! :)

  30. Amy Hillegass’s avatar

    I too LOVE Lupine collars and won’t buy anything but, Lupine. We have 6 cats…all wear a different Lupine pattern and two dogs. My Shih Tzu is a little spoiled and has few different patterns from Lupine. I would love to add the Just Ducky pattern in the 1/2 inch collar to his collection. I would also LOVE for our German Shephard to have her very first Lupine Collar….I think she deserves a GIRLY, GIRL collar and would love her to have the 1 inch Plum Blossom collar. My husband thinks she should look more reserved and has a very gender neutral collar now. She NEEDS a GIRLY collar! The tag clip is an AWESOME idea!

  31. Abby’s avatar

    I would love the 3/4″ collar in Moo Cow (size 15-25″) We need simple collars to take our pups to the dog park!

  32. Jodi Beth’s avatar

    Our rescued Aussie, Beau, would look so handsome in a 3/4″ Trail Mix collar and lead-he loves to camp and hike and swim!

  33. Katzenwoofers Pet Rescue’s avatar

    Love the Peace Pup pattern! The 10-14″ 3/4″ martingale and 6′ leash would look great on our puppymill rescues while we’re teaching them how to walk on leash!

  34. Nora’s avatar

    My choice is the 3/4 inch combo collar in Superstar! My Sheltie Remy is a superstar–he competes in Flyball and Agility, and recently finished his Flyball Grand Champion title and his MACH–making him likely only the second Shetland Sheepdog to earn both titles.

    Also, as my boyfriend says “no one will ever love you more than that dog loves you.”

    He uses his Lupine martingale at Agility and Flyball competitions because they’re easy to put on and take off, and he looks very handsome in them.

  35. Lisa N’s avatar

    Oh wow, thanks for giveing away so mant free collars. I would love either a 1″ Bone Hunter or Mud Puppy for my addorable rescue chocolate lab, Chance, who absolutly loves hunting!

  36. Nicole Hillstrom’s avatar

    Juneau and I would love to have the 3/4″ Trail Mix collar and leash. You see, we spend a lot of time out in the woods and mountains hiking and camping together. It’s one of our favorite bonding experiences, and we think it would be awesome to have a reminder of that time even when we’re stuck in the city because I have to work. Juneau also likes to wear thinks that let folks know that even though she’s a lhasa apso, she’s no sissy dog. She’s a rugged outdoors animal who has no problems on the trail!

  37. Zack’s avatar

    My Boxer would love the 1″ adjustable collar in Bling Bonz with matching 4′ Padded Handle Lead. He needs a new collar!

  38. Laura Smith’s avatar

    Love the Purple Jelly Roll 3/4″ Combo Collar and lead. Would look beautiful on my one of my Duck Tollers!

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