July 18, 2009Doggy DIY: Pet Pouch

My super talented friend Jen sent me a link to a lovely little blog called the b-line with quick and easy directions for these awesome DIY pet pouches.


The pouches slide easily on your pup’s collar to carry a poop bag, a housekey, an ID card, a couple bucks, etc. on your walk. Brilliant, huh?

The directions are super easy and are all right here.

(You can find more of the b-line’s handmade goodies in her charming Etsy shop. And my friend Jen? Her gorgeous jewelry can be found on Etsy, too. And the collar the Weim’s modeling in the photo? It’s also from Etsy… one of my favorite shops to peruse, Lucky Fiona.)

Have a great weekend!

(Photo credit: the b-line)

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  1. rebecca Necessary’s avatar

    i want that collar in the pic!!!

  2. rebecca Necessary’s avatar

    wait! your friend made that collar. amazing. love it.

  3. phetched’s avatar

    Actually, my friend makes the jewelry… the collar came from an Etsy shop called Lucky Fiona (link above). I sure wish I had a friend who made collars… :D

  4. Kristy’s avatar

    CUUUUUTE. As long as a pet accessory is functional, I’m into it. Wait, who am I kidding. If I had a dog, it would probably have day purses and evening purses. Ugh.

  5. Vicki Y’s avatar

    Morgan’s got a lucky fiona collar! we love it, very cute. :) Blue/maroon argyle. :D

  6. Wendy’s avatar

    I’m not very good at sewing but I love the pouch!! It is so cute:D

  7. rebecca necessary’s avatar

    clearly i skim read. oops. either way, love it all.

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